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Self Leadership in Uncertain Times: How to stay clear, focused, and effective

Posted by Jeff Roche on

A free zoom chat with Jessa Munion and Caroline Gleich.  A link for the chat will be sent to you 15 minutes before call start via email.
We are going to talk about how to utilize and harness our awareness to not only learn how to sooth ourselves, but how we can ask meaningful questions and make a positive contribution to the world.


Caroline Gleich is a professional ski mountaineer and environmental activist. She's been on the cover of every major ski magazine, has award-winning outdoor films made about her, has summited Mt. Everest has testified as an expert on climate change and snow sports to the United States Congress. She's also experienced a fair share of challenges, from cyber stalkers, to injuries and losing friends. Caroline is open about her struggles with mental health and is excited to partner with Jessa to bring you this session.


Founder and lead practitioner at Rocksteady Bodyworks, Jessa is a wellness expert and master bodyworker, specializing in strategic use of ancient wellness practices for modern times.





date--04-03-20 over talk with Jessa Munion

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