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Rocksteady is an integrated movement practice. We specialize in attentive, personalized care through massage therapy, classes, and private movement sessions.

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At Rocksteady, we inspire you to Practice Wellbeing through movement. Our teachers and practitioners are master body whisperers who combine ancient wisdom and modern science to teach you how to move more, better. Our unique integrative approach incorporates our signature yoga practice, Pilates, and bodywork to restore, rejuvenate, and invigorate your whole self.


A honed, pain-free body requires regular maintenance. Our therapists offer attentive, personalized care through massage therapy and private movement sessions. Our 5-session packages will transform how you move.

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Rocksteady classes are our own unique take on yoga, mat, and Reformer Pilates. Each class in our integrated program dynamically strengthens all parts of you, starting with the fascial matrix that affects every other system in your body.

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Reformer Pilates

Burn & Breathe Reformer are advanced and intermediate strength-building sessions using a Reformer machine. In our Reformer classes, we focus on the structural integration of your fascia, muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints to significantly improve endurance, power, and flow in all the ways you love to move.

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“ I'm so grateful that I met Jessa and found out about Rocksteady Bodyworks. As a professional athlete, I train hard and demand a lot out of my body. Incorporating a regular practice of bodywork, by attending classes and getting regular massages, has unlocked my personal potential. As a skier, I've had many small injuries, and always had aches and pains in my knees. Before Rocksteady, I wasn't able to run because it caused too much pain. After working with Jessa for a year, I started running longer and longer distances, and was able to compete in two marathons. I believe this type of work is a pillar of health, and everyone, whether they are an athlete or not, should incorporate this type of body work into their regular schedule to maximize health and wellness.”


“Jessa and the team at rock steady have changed the way my brain is wired. They have changed my life for the better in so many ways! I can never express my gratitude enough!”


“Rocksteady is a ROCK-SOLID beautiful place for movement and exploration. The Yoga is amazing, bodywork off the charts and the most amazing, honest and soulful staff and leaders. The space is beautiful, and community is welcoming. I highly recommend!!!”


“Rocksteady is an amazing community of practitioners of yoga, massage, and holistic mind and body health. I've been involved with Jessa's practice for several years now, first using massage to address my desire to effectively and efficiently move into another decade of life, and later getting enough courage to return to yoga after a few years off when I moved to Utah. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking to move better and feel better about themselves.”


“Cannot say enough amazing things about Rock Steady Bodyworks. They offer the best yoga class I have ever experienced. I often bring friends to join me for class and they always leave saying "oh my gosh. I never knew yoga could be that awesome". Practicing here twice a week allows me to pursue my goals of climbing mountains while staying healthy and balanced. After a yoga class, I feel that I have received an hour-long massage.”


“I'm in love with everything about this space. The gorgeous studio, intimate setting, and of course the incredible class. Jessa has a gift. Her classes are something totally unique and absolutely amazing. If you get the chance, go!”


“This is the most intelligent and efficient bodywork I’ve ever experienced. You are welcomed into a comfortable environment that makes you want to hang out and catch up with friends. The Rocksteady community is loving, welcoming, happy, professional and effective. Every session I’ve had at Rocksteady has enriched my life. The massage, yoga and various workshops are of the highest quality.”


“This place embodies everything that is good in the world. Beautiful, calm, and healing, yet full of life, love, and energy. This is a place you can go and learn something new every single session. It's not all crazy yoga namastay ish, it's more functional movement based. The class had all levels and the instructor accommodated different body/personality types easily.”


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about us

Jessa Kian Munion | Rocksteady Founder

I grew up in Cameroon, Japan, Canada, and China. From the very beginning, I’ve been immersed in change, transition, and diverse ways of being. My expansive world-view, eclectic style, and open-mindedness come from my life, and they are the foundation of my professional practice. I dedicate myself to constant exploration, progress, and personal evolution, and I think that’s why I have the ability to facilitate lasting transformation in others. Humans thrive when we move, adapt, learn, and grow. We collapse when we stop moving, adapting, learning, and growing. We are all reservoirs of potential, and even if we have tapped into that potential, we still have limitlessness to unlock. Movement, bodywork, and self-discovery are keys. I want to empower you to use them. This is what I live for and this is why I created Rocksteady.

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Jeff Roche | Owner / Teacher

I am a man of many hats. I work the front desk. I answer the phones. I am the scheduler, the marketer, the designer, the project manager, and the janitor. Oh, and I also teach Reformer Pilates. Having multiple gigs on any given day suits me fine, because having multiple gigs during my life got me to where I am. One of my greatest honors was working alongside the founders of Black Diamond Equipment as the North American Sales Manager as that company grew up. Before that, I was the director of business development for an energy efficiency consulting practice. For a while, I was a wind turbine contract negotiator. I cut my teeth in the Portland start-up scene back when Portland was cool, and I taught at the University of Oregon business college. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t apply something I’ve learned along the way to what I’m doing now. I wouldn’t trade any of it, and I wouldn’t go back. If Jessa always takes the path less traveled, I take the one with the most switchbacks and the best views. Together, with our team, we make Rocksteady resonate in the world. 

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