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Rocksteady’s Instructors are highly educated, experienced, and motivated to help you actualize your best and strongest self. Without exception, they each possess a deep understanding of human anatomy and modern science, complemented with knowledge of ancient wisdom regarding being, breath, and body. They are constantly educating themselves to learn more in their own practice of wellbeing so they can expertly guide you in yours. They meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. We are grateful for all of them and for everything they contribute to the Rocksteady community.

Stephanie Willey

Burn Reformer Founder & Lead Trainer

Walker Willey

Burn Reformer Founder & Instructor

Amanda Normand

Mat Pilates Instructor

Kate Stinson

Burn Reformer

Kirsten Walker

Burn Reformer

Logan Pretorius

Sound Lab and Yoga Instructor

Natasha Lichtenburg

Yoga Instructor

Jamie Bangerter

Burn Instructor

Amy Nielson

Burn Instructor

Carly Rasner

Burn Instructor

Melissa Gill

Burn Instructor

Ashley Brown

Yoga Instructor

Jeff Roche

Owner and Burn Instructor

Meg King

Burn Instructor

Bryan Harman


Meade Steadman

Yoga Instructor