New Integrated Pricing: All Rocksteady Bodywork sessions come with a complimentary Yoga or Movement class. We believe a holistic approach to wellness is best and our pricing reflects that belief.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where the heck is Rocksteady located?

We are in Holladay Village and located in the Ace Hardware Plaza.  If you are looking at Ace Hardware, simply crane your neck to the left and you will see our Rocksteady flag along with our circle sign in between Top It Yogurt and Mint Cuts.

What does Rocksteady offer?

Simply put, we offer Deep Tissue Massage, Rocksteady Yoga, and Burn Reformer Pilates.  We are a family owned practice who develop all our own ideas, methods, and practices.

How to get the most out of your bodywork:

Schedule regular sessions.

Like all living things, your body thrives with regular input.   Showers, hydration, meals, only last so long before you need to repeat.  Regular can be anything from 1-6 weeks.  With regularly scheduled sessions you can expect to progress- moving into higher levels of wellbeing with enhanced calm, ease and pain free movement. 

Incorporate deep tissue, sports massage, and intrinsic strength movement sessions.

Our team of therapists works together to generate whole body wellness; resetting your joints, increasing flexibility, developing intrinsic strength. For total body wellness, try all of our modalities and then work with your therapist to create a cadence unique to your needs.

Work with our entire team

Our team of therapists are experts; each bringing a specialized skill set that complements each other to create a comprehensive bodywork experience that incorporates the combined learning of our entire team. Our team consists of licensed therapists who are trained in our internal education program, where we test and refine our methods to ensure we always achieve the best results.

Schedule your sessions early in the day so that your body can acclimate to improved movement patterns.

Plan for light or no workouts for 12-24 hours post treatment.

Do I need to tip?

No. Tips are not expected.  We consider bodywork to be an advanced therapeutic treatment, much like (and often times generating better results) a visit to a physical therapist, orthopedic, etc.  This is not a luxury; it is an essential aspect of your fitness and wellness routine. The best tip you can give us is a positive review on google and the Mindbody app, and to reinvest your dollars in your next session, and to try all of our services including Rocksteady Yoga, Rocksteady Mat, and Burn Reformer.

What can I expect from each session?

Every session is unique and tailored specifically for you. We believe in sharing knowledge and generating empowerment, agency, and awareness so that your journey of self discovery and body awareness grows strong.  We are passionate about progress so our expert team make recommendations about how to best utilize the tools offered at Rocksteady from yoga, Pilates, bodywork to will create a comprehensive roadmap to feeling better than you ever have before.

New to yoga?

Start with our gentle yoga, rocksteady basics, and deep release class.  Feel free to come 10 minutes early for your first class and our teachers will help you get set up.

What are your intermediate to advanced classes?

Try our Feel Good Flow and our Rocksteady Flow.

Are your classes heated?

We keep our studio room temperature although do expect to generate a bit of body heat and sweat in our vinyasa classes and Burn Reformer.   Please bring your own towel and water.

New to Burn Reformer?

Burn is an intense yet accessible class with expert instructors who can tailor the exercises to your needs.  Please arrive ten minutes early for your first class to get set up.

Open lobby??

While we have a front desk, we are often working one on one with clients and ask our teachers to be at the front desk 10 minutes before class.  If you arrive earlier, you are welcome to chill in the Zen den or set yourself up in the studio!