Rocksteady Practice Values

Self Discovery

We cultivate our capacity to independently explore our inner and outer realities and discover what it is we believe to be real and true.  We do the work of examining our character, experiencing our bodies, and nourishing all aspects of our body & being.   We recognize our colleagues, students and teachers as fellow guides, peers, walking a path of discovery and learning together.  We realize that our calling as humans is to develop our inner self in service and contribution to the betterment of the world.


We are continually challenged in this life which cultivates our endurance, fortifies our vitality, and strengthens our spirit.  We practice perseverance, stand in, and stand up for our beliefs, our chosen futures and our desired outcomes.  We develop deep faith, hope, and courage through our wellness practices and as such, remain immune to the burnout, strain, and pain that many other humans succumb to in life.  We aim high, remain dedicated and disciplined, and as such, are able to continue to grow and achieve where most people give in, give up, and settle.  We recognize that our work is to discover the learning and the lessons in adversity, to redirect, re-vision and begin again in the face of perceived failure, and we develop the wisdom, humor, and compassion to find joy and vitality no matter what the circumstance.   Developing our resilience is fundamental to our individual and collective growth.


Human health & wellbeing is dependent upon a deep and abiding relationship with the natural world.  Nature has shaped our physiology and just 5 minutes in the wilderness lowers our heart rates, alters our brain waves, creates an alert and calm neurological state, enhances our mood and our cognition. Our modern world has cut us off from the critical wellness components we receive from nature; and our health is suffering because of it. We rely on superficial external stimulation which exacerbate our sympathetic state, in an unconscious effort to replace the natural nourishment we receive from the calming alertness generated by exposure to the hyper sensorial natural world. We recognize the need to reclaim nature as a nutrient and believe that being in nature, on foot, experiencing the greater ecology of the planet activates our self-healing mechanisms, reminds us of our innate inter-connection to the planet, and presents one of the most powerful healing experiences on earth. We also know that WE ARE NATURE.  That our bodies are ecosystems, habitats rich with renewable resources and sustainable energy from within.  We explore our inner landscape and uncover our own hidden resources as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. We know that taking care of ourselves (and the trillions of cells that make us up) is taking care of the planet.


In a world of increasingly superficial and virtual interaction, where social media encourages us to edit, cut, paste and present the most alluring version of our life, where the drug of comparison kills our innate uniqueness and creativity, where fitting in with trends is pumped to us via marketing in every space, where the call is to skim, reduce, consume as fast as possible, we stand for SUBSTANCE. Substance is the authentic, deep, multifaceted, rich, expression of each human being in every moment.  Substance is being willing to go deep, to immerse yourself in a learning experience, to read every word, every page, to dedicate yourself to mastery, to being patient if it takes a lifetime. We teach, practice, study, and operate in substance.  We as humans are substantial, we make every interaction substantial, and we are willing to take the time to go deep, into the very substance, of every moment.  It is in the substantial, that we find quality, integrity, and authenticity.


We generate evolution in body & being (mind/spirit) of our students, ourselves, and our communities.  We define evolution as functional, positive, progressive, meaningful and lasting growth. This is NOT change for change sake, and this is NOT a temporary upgrade.  Evolution of self, others, and the world is a discipline.  It demands harnessing our potential, fulfilling our capacity and applying ourselves daily to the adventure of becoming our greatest potential and possibilities.  We value the upward spiral, acknowledge that growth is a continuum and that staying on a purposeful path of progress takes a deep resolve to evolve, aware that our personal evolution is part of the greater revolution to make the world a better place.

Why Rocksteady?

We inspire people to Practice Wellbeing through integrated movement. We offer the most knowledgable teachers, the most welcoming space, and the most integrative approach. We guide people towards positive change in their bodies and in their lives.