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The Rocksteady Bodywork Apprenticeship is a massage therapy (MT) program accredited by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL). This personal program is highly exclusive. Only one to two candidates per year have the unique opportunity to experience personalized training through a State of Utah-approved curriculum to become a licensed massage therapist in Utah. This unparalleled alternative to traditional massage school is designed specifically for self-motivated learners who appreciate mentorship, thrive in real working environments, and are interested in joining the Rocksteady team.

Program Details

When you train with us, you are working toward becoming the next elite addition to our Rocksteady team. Throughout your unequaled, high-end therapy education, we’ll also be fine-tuning you to our specific style and quality, to meet the very high expectations we have for all our bodyworkers. Our therapists are consistently recognized as some of the best in Utah. You’ll gain invaluable experience in deep tissue and sports massage and Ida Rolf/Tom Myers structural integration as well as singular insight into how we run our successful private practice. Expect challenging, fulfilling experiences and focused learning. Much of your apprenticeship will be one-on-one with your teacher, with never more than a four-to-one student-to-instructor ratio.

Why Rocksteady?

We inspire people to Practice Wellbeing through integrated movement. We offer the most knowledgeable teachers, the most welcoming space, and the most integrative approach. We guide people towards positive change in their bodies and in their lives. Bodywork is the core of our business and our integrated approach is both unique and effective, especially for folks who are actively pushing their bodies to perform, recovering from injury, or to simply be more agile and pain free in their daily lives.

Jessa Munion - Lead Instructor

Choosing to learn at Rocksteady means choosing to learn from the best. You will work directly with Jessa Munion, award-winning massage therapist, respected yoga instructor and teacher trainer, and owner of Rocksteady. Learning directly and intimately from Jessa gives you the opportunity to acquire true skills that will make you successful in the field of wellness.


Is an Ivy League graduate, Bryn Mawr.

Is a 500-hour certified Yoga teacher and a certified Massage Therapist. She is currently training in Pilates. There are very few practitioners or teachers with her experience and expertise across multiple disciplines of movement and bodywork.

Has been 100% booked for every available hour she has made available for Bodywork clients over the past eight years!!

Trained and mentored four incredible bodyworkers at Rocksteady: Sloane Pitman, Cody MacDonald, Liz Weldon, and Aries.

Ran operations and event productions for the Baptiste Yoga Institute for 6 years with retreats held all over the United States and Mexico.

Established Yoga Teacher Training programs in three different studios in Salt Lake City and Park City. These studios still run the training programs that she designed and created.

Trained hundreds of certified Yoga teachers in her trainings these past 10 years.

Read more about Jessa here

Accreditation and Curriculum

The Rocksteady Bodywork Apprenticeship is a massage therapy (MT) program accredited by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL). Students will undertake all requisite hours studying and apprenticing in:

Hands-on techniques in deep tissue, sports, and Swedish massage, as well as Rolf/Myers structural integration

• Massage theory

• Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology

• Pathology

• Sanitation and first aid

Once an MT with an acceptable score on the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx), you will apply for DOPL licensure. Then you will become a full-fledged and fully licensed member of the Rocksteady team.

Comparison Chart : Rocksteady vs Traditional Massage School

Things to consider









1 to 1 or 2 to 1

100%, you are on the Rocksteady Team

Taught by Jessa Munion

Flexible Study

DOPL License

Traditional Massage School


15 to 1 or 12 to 1

Placement office


Set course times

DOPL License

Integrated Learning with Rocksteady

Rocksteady's Bodywork Apprenticeship is intended to develop candidates who would like to work with us going forward, so while you are getting a very unique and high end therapy education, you're also being groomed in our specific style and quality so that you can join our team. Our therapists are recognized as some of the best in Utah and we only have 1-2 spots a year, so it's a unique opportunity.


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My path was fairly unique. I left behind a career as a Phd Biologist to pursue a more fulfilling life as a bodyworker. Meeting and studying under Jessa and working at Rocksteady has been a life changing experience for me.

Cody MacDonald / Rocksteady Therapist

Jessa has been my teacher and mentor for 10 years and it's been the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sloane Pitman / Rocksteady Therapist and Instructor

“Jessa and the Rocksteady team are beyond wonderful. Whether you are looking for bodywork, yoga & movement, personal development, or just a community to support your wellness practices, this is the place. All offerings are about complete health of your body and being both in the studio and out, not just the hour you spend on your mat.”