Rocksteady Mission

Rocksteady develops character, wellbeing, and connection.

Our Vision

The vibe is warm and welcoming as you walk into the beautiful environment of Rocksteady. The energy is light, the physical space inviting. People are smiling, friendly, and operate on a first name basis...friendships are made in the lobby and zen den, new students are greeted openly by staff and guests alike. People come early and stay late...we are as much a place to hang and develop friendships as we are a place to practice. Rocksteady is a community driven practice, where guests and staff generate experiences that are relevant to their needs and wants, we grow together.

Personalized wellness paths unfold naturally in studio, where we expertly direct guests to key offerings through genuine recommendations from our team.

How to Rocksteady


Heal an injury • Get stronger • Be a better athlete • Age Gracefully • Increase Flexibility • Counteract Desk Time • Eradicate chronic pain • Lose weight


Rocksteady Practice Approach

At Rocksteady, 3x3 = Whole. In our holistic movement practice, we offer three complementing services - Movement Classes, Bodywork, and Immersions - to honor the three balanced needs of a person dedicated to progressive movement and growth - Invigoration, Rejuvenation, Restoration. Combine these offerings in the way that's exactly right for you to get the most out of yourself and your Rocksteady practice.

Rocksteady Movement Practice

Being well through movement requires that you come to know your own body and give yourself what you need when you need it. Healing and restoring yourself is just as important as flowing through life-affirming movement and pushing yourself to the max. We offer comprehensive, complementing classes to Invigorate, Rejuvenate and Restore. Find your perfect balance.

Rocksteady Bodywork Practice

Bodywork is an integral part of the Rocksteady movement practice. In the process of actualizing your best you, movement complements bodywork complements movement. In a progressive suite of five sessions, our master bodyworkers will guide you through the combination of treatments that best serve your body and your goals. Move more, better.

The Rocksteady Zen Den

Connecting in our space.

We've created a space to hang out, chill and connect with each other. It's open during business hours, with some great additions coming soon!