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Grover & Belcourt: Epic Tales, Attitude, and maybe some Insights

Posted by Jessa Munion on

The 2nd installment of our Origin of Vision series is going to be a really entertaining Rocksteady Talk.  We will be joined by Chris Grover and Bill Belcourt. 

Most of you are familiar with these two gents but for those that need an intro, Grover was "there" when the rise of sport climbing was occurring at Smith Rock.  Then he was "there" when Metolious was in its infancy.  Then, he was certainly "there" for 20+ years at BD as the head of Sales & Marketing.  Grove is ever the philosopher while telling the straight skinny on his viewpoints. 

Bill Belcourt was a staple at BD for 10+ years as the former Climbing Category Director and now the North America GM for Blue Ice.  Bill's product insights and tales of the early days of Alaska alpine climbing are not to be missed.

This Rocksteady Talk will be more of a campfire session than a slideshow.  Earmuffs recommended.

date--03-13-19 over talk

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