Our new brand look: practicing what we teach for positive change

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When coronavirus spread to pandemic proportions last Spring, we, like so many others, proactively changed the way we had always operated to promote health in our community. We temporarily closed our studio and paused to consider. Right away, we knew that though this was an unplanned challenge, it was a most unexpected gift. COVID gave us cause to quickly process grief and uncertainty, to find the blessings in the burden, and to look for new opportunities that we could recognize only because we were now looking at the world in a very different way. It was a catalyst for us to apply all that we had learned from our life and work experiences, to communicate clearly with each other and our team, and
to adapt. Because we rose to the challenge calmly and intentionally, we stayed happy and energetic through the changes we chose to make. We were still on the way to building the future of our dreams, we just now had a bit more breathing room and time to be purposeful with each step.

In the rich moments of the in-between, when the constant buzz of our full and fast-growing studio was quiet, we were able to really look at ourselves and our business and check in. How were we going to use the gift of time? We decided to focus on all the ways we can assure that Rocksteady thrives for years to come — including magnifying our presence in our community and the world. We have so much going on here in the unique way that we vibrantly, holistically integrate wellbeing, and we want to share it effectively, beautifully, and creatively. So that’s what we set out to do.

After interviewing several marketing agencies in the West, we ultimately chose to hand-pick a team of existing Rocksteady clients, each of them marketing pros in their own rights, and each of them active in our wellness practice. Who better to represent us than members of our own community?

Together we have worked to better understand and articulate the mission and vision of Rocksteady. In confidence, we can say that everything we do here we do to foster character, wellbeing, and connection. This is our mission. Our vision is and always has been to offer a connective space and intentional guidance for inspired wellbeing through movement. Now, we are so proud to reveal to you
just how we are communicating the essence of who we are through our new website, our inspiring newsletter, and our community-building social channels. To complement all the ways we connect with you one-on-one in class and in the studio, these are an extension of our spirit and our voice.

Please take some time to visit our new website. We love it. To us, it feels like home. We hope you will feel as welcome and inspired there as you do when you are with us in the studio. And very soon, you will receive the first of our new newsletters. We are so excited about connecting with you through them. They will be yet another way that we are here for you with insights, news, stories, inspiration, and a warm reminder that you are valued member of our Rocksteady community.

This past year has been a true testament to the relevance and usefulness of our wellness practice, and of honing our capacity to rock steady even when we are rocked, so hard, in so many unexpected, uncontrollable ways. It’s life. And when we’re ready for it, we can always come through challenge stronger, clearer on who we are, and more aware of what's needed next for the journey.

Thanks for coming with us. We look forward to the future together.
Jessa and Jeff


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