Client Survey Results - What we've learned and what we're doing.

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We recently asked you, our trusted clients and friends to give us feedback and share thoughts on our services, schedule and ways for us to improve - and we're grateful for the time you took to share your thoughts. Here's a few key things we learned.

Make more Bodywork hours available!

We hear you.  Our bodywork schedule has become quite full and we do not have many near-term available appointments.  We are actively working on this and will soon be introducing our new Bodywork team member.  We also will be hiring 1 to 2 more therapists in the months to come when we find the right cultural and professional fit for our client base.

Regular class schedule throughout the year

We agree.  Our class schedule has been quite variable the past 12 months.  Jessa and I have talked at length about what the ideal schedule mix would be for mornings & evenings, yoga & pilates, and younger & older client needs.  We feel by Fall we will have the optimal mix of class types and times for you.  Thanks for your patience as we experiment and learn what best suits our wide-ranging community.

Diversify the class offering and add more yoga

This was great to hear.  There were lots of great insights in the surveys on what everyone is looking for.  We took this input seriously and have added a number of new classes. For for those clients wanting a lower intensity reformer class, we created Breathe Reformer.  We also added additional Rocksteady Mat Pilates class times per your request.  We added an energy balancing breathe and movement class called Current.  We layered in more Yoga in the evenings and added an additional Grounded class on Saturday mornings with a licensed LMT.  Check out the current Movement schedule.  There are tons of gems!

Please Refurb the Reformers

Thank you for raising this point.  We acknowledge that we fell behind on our equipment maintenance.  We have since refurbished all 6 of our Reformer machines.  They look and feel brand new!!

What is the future plan for Virtual?

Many of you asked what our long-term Virtual Class plan was.  We are not entirely sure.  We are learning as we go.  We certainly love seeing people join us from across the country for class.  We love that our Virtual classes are live offerings.  We intend on keeping Virtual into Fall for certain.  We will keep you posted.



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