2020, Who knew? Reflections from Jessa

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 In January of 2020, we sent a letter to our team, which proved to be quite apropos given what 2020 held.  

"Remember, Rocksteady is a refuge, not a retreat.   The word retreat is somewhat low energy- an escape, a pull back, a run away from...whereas a refuge is a stronghold, a place to preserve and protect valuable entities.   Much like wildlife refuges, we exist to protect the endangered species of simple pure practices and human connection.   We are low (and maybe someday NO) tech, natural and unproduced, powerfully simple, we look people in the eye, we smile, we real talk- whether that means solving problems, hearing the heavy, laughing at the light.  

Our practices are not simply a way to relieve pain, release stress, or recover, rather- they build the physical and character qualities required to STAND UP TALL AND LEAD A LIFE.   Yoga, Pilates, Bodywork, and Self-discovery keep us at our growing edge, making the most of every moment rather than adrift, dragged along by the current of the common. 

The work we offer and partake of here prepares us for the inevitable highs and lows of life so that when they come, we are strong enough to stand in when we want to fall down, courageous enough to have a real conversation when we want to run away, mindful enough to navigate and guide ourselves through life, rather than being carried by the riptides of the regular and normal. 

We are here so that you, and everyone who shares space here, can be part of the upward spiral, the resolve to evolve, the desire to make the world a better place, by showing up, and doing our very best."

Be well.  See everyone soon.



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2020, Who knew? Reflections from Jessa
 In January of 2020, we sent a letter to our team, which...