Based on years of experience working with thousands of individuals, and aligned with the most recent discoveries in neuroscience; our wellness immersions disrupt deeply embedded neuro-myo networks (thoughts, feelings, behaviors, movements). Our immersions focus on dissolving the patterns that are associated with stress, strain, fear, and complacency that drain life energy and quality of life. 

As we disrupt and dissolve negative patterning, we entrain the brain and body to generate new thoughts, feelings, perspectives and movements at the level of breath, body, and mind. The results are an extraordinary increase in energy, vitality, and wellness. 

While a regular wellness practice of yoga, bodywork, and meditation can sustain well-being, immersive environments generate a quantum leap into new brain and body potential. 

Emerging science in psychology and neuroscience support the profound power of seemingly simple practices that re-wire your brain and create radical transformation and integration of your mind, body, and spirit. Research affirms that the most effective way to increase well-being is through combining rigorous sessions of physical exercise that challenge coordination and rhythm in conjunction with strategic cognitive exploration, resulting in higher brain and body function. Working holistically, integrating brain, breath, and bodywork simultaneously, takes you further, faster than working in any one area individually.

Our immersions utilize diverse forms of yoga, myofascial release, meditation and visualization techniques, guided self-discovery conversations, cognitive-enhancing exercises and brain-boosting neuro-energetics to create access to new levels of wellness.

Anyone who is stuck in stressful, dysfunctional or unfulfilling patterns in life, anyone suffering from chronic pain, anyone interested in up-leveling their capacity to thrive in any environment, will benefit from our intensives.