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Your body is your living vehicle, and a pain-free, optimized body requires regular maintenance.

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Rocksteady Bodywork is an Integrated Movement Practice

Our highly trained Rocksteady Bodywork practitioners artfully navigate the terrain of your body while guiding you to new levels of body awareness. We work comprehensively, dissolving dysfunctional patterning, erasing postural misalignments, releasing shortened and tightened fascial components, mobilizing joints, and restoring your nervous system to optimal function. Our goals are to free you into effortless good posture, eliminate pain, dissolve stress, and enhance your overall wellbeing. 

Rocksteady Bodywork is a progressive, integrative, personalized experience. To unlock your full physical potential, we offer both manual massage therapy and private movement sessions. Our manual therapy includes deep tissue massage, Thai massage, myofascial release, decompressive joint mobilization, and soothing full-body stretching. Our personalized movement sessions call on classical Pilates, muscle energy techniques, energy integrations, yoga, and fascial movement. 

We specialize in attentive, personalized care. Everyone we meet is unique, and every therapy plan is unique. Once our master bodyworkers meet with you and get to know you and your body, they will recommend session types and cadence that is specifically tailored to you. This will often include working with multiple practitioners in different Rocksteady modalities. Your therapist will also recommend complementary Rocksteady movement classes to address your specific patterns, needs, and goals.

Bodywork, like all other forms of movement, works best when it’s consistent. Because we are passionate about progress and sustaining your wellbeing, we bundle all bodywork in personalized 5-session packages. Expect life-altering results with regular sessions at least every six weeks. 

Our work is transformative. We consistently deliver results that our clients can’t find anywhere else. They have more energy. They can demand more from their bodies. They find a new, unburdened flow in the movement that they love. They feel better, mentally and physically. You will too.

Deep Tissue Massage

Rocksteady’s signature deep tissue treatment is a full-body deep tissue massage combined with decompressive joint mobilizations and soothing fascial stretches. This sequence reduces body aches and pains, improves the way you move, and provides the maintenance you need to feel your best. This is a foundation for true fascial conditioning and we recommend it for everyone.

Sports Massage

Our Rocksteady sports massage combines the best of Thai massage and shiatsu with expert neuromuscular techniques and joint mobilizations. Expect to feel deeply relaxed and invigorated at the same time. You’ll wear sports clothes and our expert therapists will move you through a series of deep stretches, tissue compressions, and joint mobilizations on a padded mat on the floor.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is an advanced bodywork technique created by Ida Rolf and developed by Tom Meyers, whose work we closely follow and study. Each session is detailed and thorough, focusing on a specific area of your body to resolve the fascial issues that result in postural deviations, poor movement mechanics, and chronic pain. This work permanently and positively alters your body.

Myofascial Release MASSAGE

Myofascial Release Massage is the perfect complement to our Deep Tissue sessions. Myofascial Release resets your limbic system and circadian rhythms, induces a parasympathetic state, boosts your immune system through lymphatic drainage, and soothes your nervous system with intentionally long, sustained strokes, a slow gliding pace, and gentle release of tension patterns and fascial adhesions. In these sessions you will experience deep relaxation and deep rest, as we release tissue trauma and recalibrate your system. While the bodywork itself is lighter pressure, the effect is comprehensive, beneficial, and profound.

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We believe in personalized, progressive care. Our 5-session packages will transform how you move.

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What people are saying about Rocksteady Movement and Bodywork

“Rocksteady Bodyworks really is the antidote. A decade plus of yoga practice and the need for a diverse and well-informed movement experience led me to Rocksteady. Jessa and her team provide movement, information, and body work to battle the chronic pain and stagnant lifestyle of our civilization. After one Rocksteady yoga class the way I view yoga and movement shifted. Rocksteady is a place of healing and rejuvenation.”


“Rocksteady is a ROCK-SOLID beautiful place for movement and exploration. The Yoga is amazing, bodywork off the charts and the most amazing, honest and soulful staff and leaders. The space is beautiful, and community is welcoming. I highly recommend!!!”


“Cannot say enough amazing things about Rocksteady Bodyworks. They offer the best yoga class I have ever experienced. I often bring friends to join me for class and they always leave saying "oh my gosh. I never knew yoga could be that awesome". Practicing here twice a week allows me to pursue my goals of climbing mountains while staying healthy and balanced. After a yoga class, I feel that I have received an hour-long massage.”


“Jessa and the Rocksteady team are beyond wonderful. Whether you are looking for bodywork, yoga & movement, personal development, or just a community to support your wellness practices, this is the place. All offerings are about complete health of your body and being both in the studio and out, not just the hour you spend on your mat.”


“I'm in love with everything about this space. The gorgeous studio, intimate setting, and of course the incredible class. Jessa has a gift. Her classes are something totally unique and absolutely amazing. If you get the chance, go!”


“Rocksteady has changed my life! I get body work twice per month and pair it with yoga that is created for athletes! As an avid mountain biker, I was finding it more and more difficult to ride the distances I wanted to without the constant feeling of chronic pain. Since rocksteady I can ride longer, recover faster and I have even noticed that my body is getting leaner! All the yoga classes are great for me since they are focused on counteracting the movements of active people. As for massage, I have been a regular of Sloane and Jessa. They have a similar style which is focused around athletes. I should also say that I am not a professional athlete, but I do love to be active. When my body aches and pains were slowing me down, I knew I had to make a change and Rocksteady was the answer for me.”


“I have a bad back which means I have to be very careful in how I exercise. Pilates at Burn is the best way for me to keep my core strong to support my back. I do not injure myself here because the instructors help me tailor the exercises to protect my back. This is an awesome place to go as you age (I'm 54!) to stay in shape. Been doing it for almost 3 years and I owe my size 4/6 pants to Burn! Love Steph and all the great instructors. They are well-trained and know their stuff! This place has a great non-judgmental and positive vibe. I always feel better about myself after attending a class.”


“I started coming to BURN Reformer classes because I knew Stephanie was an amazing instructor. Every class pushes you and makes you learn to love the importance of working out. All classes are 1 hour, not 50 minutes like most places, and they all leave you with the feeling you worked out, not just a social hour. Pilates has helped improve my strength and tone as well as provided one of the best rehabs for my knee. This group of trainers knows how to get people in good shape and how to be healthy for life!”