New Integrated Pricing: All Rocksteady Bodywork sessions come with a complimentary Yoga or Movement class. We believe a holistic approach to wellness is best and our pricing reflects that belief.

Our Practitioners

Sloane Zupon

Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor & Burn Reformer

I am an energetic instructor teaching classes, series, and workshops at Rocksteady. Over the years, I have studied and taught Pilates, TRX, group fitness, and myofascial release. Through this process, I have developed a passion for the biomechanics of healing. My study and practice has shown me time and time again that movement and adaptability are huge components to healing and preventing modern illness and injury. I am committed to using my classes as a pathway to help students tap into their natural mobility and vitality and athleticism; at the same time help open their minds to more free and easeful ways of moving through life. I teach many levels of yoga and myofascial release here at Rocksteady to assist anyone in moving their body more sustainably

As a former Division 1 swimmer, yoga introduced me to the idea of balancing brain and body. Over the last 10 years, yoga has remained a way for me to put my body back together after long bouts of training for trail & road marathons and long missions in the Wasatch range. I can help you do the same.

Meade Steadman

Yoga Instructor & Musical Guru

I have been a Massage Therapy instructor for The Myotherapy College of Utah and Myotherapy Institute of Massage since 1997 training students in Swedish, Sports, Acutherapy, Tai Chi, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology and many other modalities, in addition to maintaining a successful private practice and teaching alignment based yoga at Rocksteady Bodyworks.

Jeff Roche

Front Desk Guy / Janitor / Owner or 801.277.9166

I am the Front Desk guy.  I am the janitor.  I am the designer.  I am the project manager.  I am the builder.  I am the web guy.  I am the phone guy.  I have tons of hats and wear them all daily!  Please direct all questions to me :) 

Prior to getting my janitor gig, I had the honor of working for the founders of Black Diamond Equipment as the North American Sales Manager, ran biz dev for an Energy Efficiency consulting practice, was a Wind Turbine Contract Negotiator, worked in the Portland start-up culture when Portland was cool, and taught at the University of Oregon business school.  I have found that professional paths aren't always linear.  Go figure.

I recently started teaching Burn Reformer.  I started training with Steph and Walker Willey in 2014.  As a highly active rock climber, backcountry rider, and mountain biker, I immediately found that Burn gave me the connective strength I needed for performance without the pain or improper loading that can come with weight training.  I specifically used Burn to train for the Grand Traverse in the Tetons, for hard descent tower ascents, and to ensure my body can consistently endure 50+ days a year of slaying backcountry pow.  Seems to be working so far...

Feel free to come train with me.  Let's get you strong.  Remember, Rocksteady is for the living.

Amanda Normand

Rocksteady Mat Pilates Instructor

I started studying Pilates over twenty years ago. The idea of uniformed development and the mind-body connection I gained from my practice, enhanced my performance as an athlete. I received my professional Pilates teaching certificate ten years ago at Streamline Pilates in Salt Lake. Since then, I have been teaching a variety of classes ranging from mat classes to equipment classes to privates and duets. In 2018, I finished my Level Two yoga training at Rocksteady Bodyworks. My passion is helping individuals find better movement patterns, strength, mobility, and a strong connection between mind and body.

Stephanie Willey

Burn Reformer Founder & Lead Trainer

I am a Salt Lake City native, wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters, who are my greatest joy. I grew up very active in sports including competitive soccer, dance, cheer, track and field, trail running, skiing, and horseback riding. After graduating from the University of Utah where I studied Broadcast Journalism and Business I moved to Los Angeles and that’s where I fell in love with Reformer Pilates.

After moving back to SLC I searched for an intense/cardio style reformer workout and found nothing, so I created my own called the BURN Reformer Method. I found you can get a high-intensity Reformer workout that will push your cardio endurance while minimizing the impact on joints. I feel this is the best of both worlds. Our short cardio bursts push the boundaries of endurance while Reformer strength training creates long and lean muscles. Combining these two principles is a very effective way to create positive change in your body.

I have been a group fitness trainer and fanatic since 2009. I am also certified in circuit training, TRX, and Xtend Barre. I am an alumni Ambassador for Lululemon helping to bring more fitness awareness to our local community. I hope to inspire people to live a healthier, happier life through fitness and overall wellness by pushing them to do more than they thought possible…BURN, baby, BURN!

Walker Willey

Burn Reformer Founder & Instructor

Living in the foothills of the Wasatch and exploring the mountains have fuelled my curiosity from a very early age. Whether with family, friends, or solo, the mountains have provided many of the best experiences of my life. I have a healthy snow addiction and like to be on skis as much as possible in the winter months. In the summer I enjoy trail and road running, and standing on summits. I’ve always enjoyed being active and training to perform at a very high level. I started my athletic pursuits with skiing, hockey, and skateboarding at a young age, and have added running marathons and ultra-marathons. I am a lululemon Alumni Ambassador and love being a part of our local fitness community. My favorite thing about small group fitness and wellness classes are the relationships I’m blessed to create. I love watching clients transform physically and mentally as they become part of our family. Hearing their feedback about how they feel, how they’ve recovered from injury, or how they’re performing at a higher level than they have previously in their sport of choice is incredibly rewarding.

My family is by far the most important thing in the world to me. I am extremely fortunate to have an amazing wife, the creator of the BURN Reformer Method, Stephanie, and our two beautiful little girls. I wish to thank all of our clients, athletes, and friends for their continued support and the relationships I’ve developed with you over the years. Our fitness and wellness community would never be what it is without all of you.

Jeremy Wilkerson

Massage Therapist / Yoga / Burn Instructor

I am a highly motivated and deeply passionate practitioner of movement and bodywork. I have a master certification from the Utah College of Massage Therapy and a 200-hour yoga teacher certification through the Integrated School of Yoga. I also have a red kundalini yoga certification from the Integrated School of Yoga. I have been practicing alignment and the art of well being for 15 years while diligently authenticating my language with my practical application. Through this process, I have been able to give people a clear cut path for recovery and also limitless development within their mind-body paradigm. I practice yoga and meditation daily and I strongly believe we can overcome any obstacle placed before us and recover from any injury sustained to us. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing Rocksteady wellness team and community. 

Logan Pretorius

Sound Lab & Yoga Instructor

I haven't written my bio yet but I did launch Sound Lab.  Oh, you haven't been yet?  Well get on it.  Sound Lab is every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm.  It is a restorative practice while questing through crystal bowl sound frequencies.  With a side of ambiance.  See you there.

Natasha Lichtenberg

Yoga Instructor

Ninth generation Californian who grew up in Utah. Fell in love with hot yoga in 2006 and have studied many styles on my journey including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Kundalini. In 2015 I began a meditation practice that would lead me on the teaching path. 

As a mother who follows the sun and dances with the moon, organic ritualized movement is vital to my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It is my intention at Rocksteady to connect and create. To empower you to discover and hold sacred space for yourself.

My classes incorporate aromatherapy, breathwork, guided meditation, a special soundtrack, and loads of props to support your deepest release. Activate your subtle essence and restore that which already is while you experience Yoga Nidra, a blissful state between wake and sleep. Bring your own blanket if desired.

You can find me on my snowboard in the winter and wandering the Wasatch afoot with my family in the dry months. Shoulder seasons in the desert. Oh, that desert medicine! 

Ashley Brown

Yoga Instructor

The Wasatch peaks and rusted deserts of Southern Utah are the bedrock of my spiritual wellbeing. Growing up in Pleasant Grove at the foothill of Mount Timpanogos, exploring the mountains as a child was a luxury that was literally out my back door and cultivated a lifelong yearning for nature. At 12 years old, I found snowboarding, which became my community and love. In college, snowboarding connected me with my husband Chris, who is now an AMGA certified ski guide. Over the past two decades, snowboarding organically morphed into a thirst for wakeboarding, slalom skiing, rock climbing, and hiking in the mountains and deserts.

Yoga came into my life at 18 and taught me the power of acceptance, living in the moment, and self-love. Frequent yoga practice gives me the tools to alleviate stress and anxiety that builds up from our fast-paced lives, and provides a source of balance and breath work to enhance all the other activities I love.

In 2015 I received a 200-hour yoga-teaching certification from School Yoga Institute and immediately began teaching yoga to climbers. Then I experienced the Rocksteady modality of movement, and a multitude of chronic pains disappeared. I completed Rocksteady Level 2 training in the fall of 2018 and look forward to the Rocksteady 300 hour training starting in January 2020.

The Rocksteady modality is the antidote to our over paced, under-nurtured society; yoga, BURN Reformer, and massage are the tools that help me heal and perform. You may find the same is accurate for you!

Carly Snow

Burn Instructor

I am a fully passioned, and holistically driven, wellness practitioner. My life long dedication, commitment, and practice to experiences within the healing arts, has helped cultivate intentional offerings that directly welcome, support, and tend to the whole being-mind, body, and spirit.

Some of my professional core practices to help people attune to their divine wisdom and intuitive powers fall within the trades of Somatic Psychotherapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Yoga, BURN, Reiki, and Authentic Movement. Movement to me is so sacred and beautiful. The medicinal benefits that emerge from moving emotion, naturally exposes a greater sense, awareness, and inner knowing that can serve as a catalyst to accessing your deep personal power.

To highlight, over the last seven years, my personal commitment to the BURN style has directly helped enhance my mental and physical game in my mountain and beach excursions. I love-love-love to (yoga and pilates)run, ski, climb, and most recently, surf. I love it- the BURN way of things (it is intense, the real deal), I always say, BURN gives you a full body hug from the inside out. Seriously though, the crew is crucial as well. I love my Rocksteady and BURN crew-these are my people. These human-beings are all bad ass at mastering the art of being alive and living from deep wellness. I cannot wait to meet YOU- lets do this together, lets face this, and unshakably handle this thing called life.


Whitney Almond

Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

I am a strategic bodyworker that combines a creative, caring and empathetic approach for my clients. I aspire to be the consummate professional in terms of my skills, dedication to continue learning, and my ability to listen to what the client’s request as well as what their body tells me. I have a natural curiosity that pushes me to thrive as a bodyworker. I pull from an in-depth understanding of bodywork to explore and learn how each of the clients’ bodies respond to particular bodywork approaches. For this reason, each client I work on receives a session that is customized for their body’s particular needs on that particular day.

For the past 8 years I have had a long love and passion for Structural Integration. I have received training in the 10 sessions in 2 different styles. Fascia is a huge component to releasing the patterns we hold in our body. Holding patterns present themselves differently in every person. My job is to help solve this tension puzzle and get your body to function at its optimal capacity. I will also work on repatterning your daily movements and stagnate positions, it is critical to opening the fascial lines and bands.

I strive to function from a place of humanity, kindness, and strong ethical core. I uphold the highest standards of equity and fairness. I do my best to give everyone around me the empathy we all so often need, and the kindness that is too often in short supply in this busy world.

Amy Nielson

Burn Instructor

Jamie Bangerter

Burn Instructor

Krissi Green

Yoga Instructor

Kirsten Walker

Burn Instructor

Jillian Simpson

Yoga Instructor

Katie Stinson

Burn Instructor