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Rocksteady Therapists

We hear it so often. Our clients cannot find the same level of exceptional bodywork that we offer anywhere else. That’s because our therapists are experts in the art and science of massage and bodywork. They constantly push themselves to know the most and be the best, holding themselves to the highest standards in the profession simply because they believe in the power of the work that they do. It is because of them that our clients are happy, strong, healthy, and loyal. These people make lives better and we love them.

Jessa Munion

Founder | Therapist | Instructor

Rocksteady exists to cultivate well-being for our students, ourselves, and our communities.  We generate progressive, meaningful growth. This is NOT change for change sake, and this is NOT a temporary upgrade. Well-being is a discipline.  It demands harnessing our potential, fulfilling our capacity and applying ourselves daily to the work of becoming our greatest potential as an adventure. We believe that our greatest responsibility is to be our best self, so that we can give our best to the world.   We accomplish this through excellent bodywork, distinctive movement classes, life altering private sessions, and profound wellness immersions. We foster real, caring, and down to earth relationships with everyone who walks through our doors while offering high quality at affordable prices.

Jeremy Wilkerson

Master Therapist and Instructor

I am a highly motivated and deeply passionate practitioner of movement and bodywork. I have a master certification from the Utah College of Massage Therapy and a 200-hour yoga teacher certification through the Integrated School of Yoga. I also have a red kundalini yoga certification from the Integrated School of Yoga. I have been practicing alignment and the art of well being for 15 years while diligently authenticating my language with my practical application. Through this process, I have been able to give people a clear cut path for recovery and also limitless development within their mind-body paradigm. I practice yoga and meditation daily and I strongly believe we can overcome any obstacle placed before us and recover from any injury sustained to us. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing Rocksteady wellness team and community. 

Cody MacDonald

Therapist & Instructor

As an avid mover in the mountains, I was able to find Rocksteady at the perfect time in my life. I unexpectedly found myself in a health crisis that limited my every day life patterns, amidst that I began a deep yoga practice to ground me. Rocksteady was a place for me to move even when I was unwell and helped to foster a path towards wellness through mindfulness and movement. After completing my PhD in
Biomedical Engineering at the University of Utah my body demanded a drastic lifestyle change. While working my way back towards wellness, I picked up woodworking and applied these skills to converting empty cargo vans into off grid homes on wheels. In the spring of 2021 I entered into the massage therapy apprenticeship program at Rocksteady and have been soaking up all the wisdom Jessa and the bodywork team have to offer. I look forward to deep connections with clients and offering possibility for change with stubborn or chronic conditions using my personal learnings, listening, and life experiences.

Jeff Roche

Rocksteady Founder / Client Management

I am in charge of Client Management at Rocksteady and will be assisting you during your journey with us. I can assist you in a preliminary phone call or email exchange to explain how we work, our pricing, and our method. From there, we will match you with the right treatment plan based on your needs and goals. Our practice is very busy. If you are ever having trouble scheduling online or finding appointment slots, please contact me at or at 801.277.9166. We look forward to working with you.

Rose Glade


I am an embodiment guide, artist, and lifelong student.  I graduated from Myotherapy College in 2019, and became certified in trauma informed yoga teaching in 2021 through Unfold
Portland's online YTT program.  I draw from massage therapy, yoga, and my own intuition to work with people who are ready to honor and integrate how
their own mind, body, and spirit are uniquely designed, allowing the fascia and nervous system to be our anchor and mirror.  I'm an especially good fit for people who need to recover from burnout, regenerate their vitality, and prefer a discovery, rather goal, oriented process. I feel deeply aligned with the Rock Steady ethos and I’m so ready to learn and grow with this


I fell in love with massage therapy because it blew open my capacity to move with ease and
pinpointed exactly where my mind was disconnected from my body. It was a humbling and exciting moment when I
realized, "Duh, I'm saying the affirmation that I am healthy and trusting and relaxed, but my tummy is frozen with tension, my breathing is shallow, and
my shoulders are still scrunched up to my ears." As massage
therapy helps me be present in my body, on and off the table, I experience emotional healing and spiritual growth, and my body softens and opens in
spiralic alignment. It gives me more energy for dancing, learning fiber arts, and exploring my subconscious through dreamwork and menstrual cycle tracking practices. These experiences reveal the next layer for growth that I take back
to the massage table. Life is truly a spiral!

Cydni Gillespie


I always knew I wanted to work in the world of health and healing. Though, I never really knew in what way. Massage therapy frequently sat in the back of my mind. 

After years of trying to figure out what to do and passionless corporate jobs, I followed a whim and enrolled in the Holistic Health Practitioner program at Healing Mountain Massage School. I graduated in the Summer of 2022 and now, I absolutely love what I do. The world of holistic health has opened my mind so much and I have loved exploring avenues such as herbalism, sound healing, and reiki energy work along with several kinds of bodywork therapies.

My approach to this work is one of curiosity and wonder. I don’t believe massage has to just be either “fluff and buff” or “tough and rough”. I have received training in a high variety of technical, as well as energetic modalities and believe that the deepest healing comes from finding that perfect balance of techniques, personalized for each client. I practice intuitive touch, to listen to your bodily cues and create a unique session just for you, with each visit. I truly love this work and love seeing bodies change, reset, and come back into harmony. I'm very excited to work with the Rocksteady clientele and look forward to a continuation of learning and growth in this new career.

Liz Weldon

Apprentice Therapist

Anne Aries

Apprentice Therapist