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To live is to move. To move is to live.

Diversity of movement can drastically alter the state of your fascia, and therefore, the wellbeing of your whole self.

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Movement Intro

Through three modalities — yoga, Pilates, and bodywork — we promote an integrated approach to everyday wellbeing. When you engage in a complementary movement practice, you move yourself through ranges of motion that promote the deep health of your myofascial and nervous systems, resulting in the whole health of you. Training your fascia into supple strength improves the performance of every single system in your body. This makes you strong, able, energized, and pain-free as you move in all the ways that inspire you.

A complementary practice of fascial conditioning includes honoring your body with varying intensities of activation, from vigorous strain to gentle recovery. We group all our movement classes into three categories: Invigorate, Rejuvenate, and Restore. We have it all. You choose what you need and when. 

Total wellbeing takes commitment and there is joy in the journey. The effort itself is motivating and rewarding. Let us guide you in your own quest for positive change in your body and in your life.


Intense strength-building from the inside out delivers endurance and power for real-life movement, whatever that means for you. Amplify and activate your whole-body system in these high-intensity, challenging classes that build comprehensive strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Invigorate Classes are complete workouts designed to leave you feeling energized, positive, and ready for anything.

Burn Reformer Pilates | Flow State | Reformer-Less Pilates | Power Flow Yoga

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Flexibility and structural integrity are foundational to healthy bodies. Increase your body awareness and overall capacity to move well in these steadily paced, flowing classes that combine purposeful stretching and strengthening sequences. Rejuvenate Classes are a practice of accurate biomechanical movement and postural alignment that will condition your fascial system, balance your body, and buff your rough edges.

Foundations of Flow | Feel Good Flow Yoga | Current | Mat Pilates

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For holistic health, each of us needs to calm, release, and reset the body and mind. These low-intensity classes focus on fascial healing for healthy joints and a healthy nervous system. We balance bodywork and mindwork in these classes — stretching tight bodies, easing aches, increasing range of motion and mobility, quelling anxiety, pausing overthinking, and moving through therapeutic positions of active rest. Restore Classes are a necessary component of a whole wellbeing practice.

Gentle Yoga | Deep Release | Roll & Release | Breathe Reformer | Good Vibrations

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Has anyone ever told you, “You were born to move?”

At Rocksteady, we know this is true, and that there’s more to it. Yes, you were born to move. Some people interpret this as an invitation to move a lot when they’re young, but to accept retirement when their maturing bodies change. Here, we promote a lifetime of movement. Our expert practitioners know how to help you keep your body engaged and firing so that you can move in strength and power whether you’re 28 or 72.

What moves you?

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What people are saying about Rocksteady Movement and Bodywork

“Rocksteady Bodyworks really is the antidote. A decade plus of yoga practice and the need for a diverse and well-informed movement experience led me to Rocksteady. Jessa and her team provide movement, information, and body work to battle the chronic pain and stagnant lifestyle of our civilization. After one Rocksteady yoga class the way I view yoga and movement shifted. Rocksteady is a place of healing and rejuvenation.”


“Rocksteady is a ROCK-SOLID beautiful place for movement and exploration. The Yoga is amazing, bodywork off the charts and the most amazing, honest and soulful staff and leaders. The space is beautiful, and community is welcoming. I highly recommend!!!”


“Cannot say enough amazing things about Rocksteady Bodyworks. They offer the best yoga class I have ever experienced. I often bring friends to join me for class and they always leave saying "oh my gosh. I never knew yoga could be that awesome". Practicing here twice a week allows me to pursue my goals of climbing mountains while staying healthy and balanced. After a yoga class, I feel that I have received an hour-long massage.”


“Jessa and the Rocksteady team are beyond wonderful. Whether you are looking for bodywork, yoga & movement, personal development, or just a community to support your wellness practices, this is the place. All offerings are about complete health of your body and being both in the studio and out, not just the hour you spend on your mat.”


“I'm in love with everything about this space. The gorgeous studio, intimate setting, and of course the incredible class. Jessa has a gift. Her classes are something totally unique and absolutely amazing. If you get the chance, go!”


“Rocksteady has changed my life! I get body work twice per month and pair it with yoga that is created for athletes! As an avid mountain biker, I was finding it more and more difficult to ride the distances I wanted to without the constant feeling of chronic pain. Since rocksteady I can ride longer, recover faster and I have even noticed that my body is getting leaner! All the yoga classes are great for me since they are focused on counteracting the movements of active people. As for massage, I have been a regular of Sloane and Jessa. They have a similar style which is focused around athletes. I should also say that I am not a professional athlete, but I do love to be active. When my body aches and pains were slowing me down, I knew I had to make a change and Rocksteady was the answer for me.”


“I have a bad back which means I have to be very careful in how I exercise. Pilates at Burn is the best way for me to keep my core strong to support my back. I do not injure myself here because the instructors help me tailor the exercises to protect my back. This is an awesome place to go as you age (I'm 54!) to stay in shape. Been doing it for almost 3 years and I owe my size 4/6 pants to Burn! Love Steph and all the great instructors. They are well-trained and know their stuff! This place has a great non-judgmental and positive vibe. I always feel better about myself after attending a class.”


“I started coming to BURN Reformer classes because I knew Stephanie was an amazing instructor. Every class pushes you and makes you learn to love the importance of working out. All classes are 1 hour, not 50 minutes like most places, and they all leave you with the feeling you worked out, not just a social hour. Pilates has helped improve my strength and tone as well as provided one of the best rehabs for my knee. This group of trainers knows how to get people in good shape and how to be healthy for life!”