Happy Pioneer Day everyone!! We have canceled several classes to honor the festivities in the city. We do have a Noon & 7pm Feel Good flow to prepare you for the Fireworks!!!


Burn Reformer

Unlike anything else, Burn Reformer is an intense and challenging session of intrinsic strength building that generates next level results.

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Burn Reformer is a complete total body workout that increases your inner strength no matter whether you are an endurance outdoor athlete or a beginner.   Unlike other forms of strength training, this multi-planar fluid sequence generates immediate whole body power from the inside out while enhancing structural integrity.   Burn Reformer creates profound new levels of strength and endurance while rapidly increasing flexibility and mobility without taking a toll on your body.  Most conventional workout are weight bearing and tend to build short, bulky muscles- the type most prone to injury.  Burn Reformer elongates muscles, improves tissue elasticity and joint mobility- the key factors for healthy, injury resistant movement.  

Rooted in classical Pilates yet unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, this 60-minute class delivers comprehensive strength, stretch, and cardio through movement on our spring-loaded Reformers and Pilates chairs.  While most movement from exercise to outdoor pursuits such as running, hiking, climbing, skiing, include repeated movements- working the same muscles in the same way, resulting in some areas of strong tissues surrounded by areas of weak tissue- Burn Reformer works dynamically- in varied and diverse sequences that provide strength patterns for your whole body including often overlooked areas, dissolving the muscular imbalance that is often a primary cause of injury and pain.

In Burn Reformer no area of your body is over or under trained, resulting in an astonishingly powerful uptick in energy, better performance in all areas of movement, and an immediate decrease in pain and strain. 

New clients please arrive 10 minutes before the start of class so we can familiarize you with the equipment and technique you will be using.