About Jessa Munion | Founder of Rocksteady Bodyworks-OLD



I grew up global in Cameroon, Japan, Canada, and China. I basked in the African sun and danced to the beat of skin covered drums with mango juice running down my chin. I survived multiple bouts of malaria, outran packs of wild dogs, and was bitten by a chimpanzee all before the age of nine. I traded my thick-skinned barefoot days for delicate kimonos, tea ceremonies and firefly festivals in Japan, sat in the quiet morning mist listening to the haunting call of loons on the lakeshore of Victoria Island on my first day at boarding school as a 12 year old, and watched the sunrise over Tiananmen Square in Beijing on my last day of high school. I was immersed in change, transition, and humanity in all its brilliantly diverse expression. I’ve always been drawn to adventure, tall peaks, big waves, and experiences outside of my line of sight. I enjoy intimate groups and long excursions. I exclusively select the path less traveled and repeatedly choose daunting leaps that enliven me and continually recreate myself in unprecedented ways.


With all that cross-continental experience, I see life as a dynamic learning experience and opportunity to grow. My expansive world-view, eclectic style, open-mindedness, and ability to facilitate lasting transformation are directly correlated to this extended trot across the globe and are the foundation of my professional practice. I believe each moment is an opportunity to be a contribution. Resilience, optimism, and a desire to contribute to the greater good are critical characteristics of healthy, happy, humans. Discovering our natural talents and unique gifts, embracing the environments that are conducive to our wellbeing, cultivating the discipline to self-care, having the courage to live from and for our values, is our greatest calling and opportunity.


Your body and your life are not meant to be spent in pain, settling, and dealing. It is not how it has to be. I am intensely dedicated to exploration, progress, evolution, and transformation. Humans thrive when moving, adapting, learning, and growing. Humans collapse when they stop moving, learning, and growing. Constraints, tension, pain, apathy, and boredom are symptoms of stuck energy and blocked flow that can show up in body, or being.
We are untapped reservoirs of potential. We have limitless space to unlock. There is more to you than you know. You have more capacity than you believe. There are new sensations, new neuro-pathways, new experiences, and new levels of health in body and being that are yours to discover, reclaim, develop and expand. Yoga, bodywork, and self-discovery will get you there. This is what I live for.