Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman

Posted by Jeff Roche on

Humans are moving less, in less ways, than ever before and it is wreaking havoc on our wellbeing.  Watch this super informative 5-minute video to understand just how much movement matters to the cells in your body, and why you need more than your weekly workouts to counteract our container culture.  We love this video as it shares some of the most cutting-edge new thinking on how movement (or lack thereof) affects our health and happiness, the foundation on which Rocksteady is based.  We're the antidote, the place you can come to for all the micro/macro movement nutrients your body desperately needs to stay well.

Our classes are deeply informed by Katy Bowman's game changing research on how and why you need to  move more, in more ways.  Bodywork is a megadose of cellular movement and is one of the easiest ways to incorporate more movement into your life. Our Zen den is an excellent example of a movement -oriented living space - with chairs and tables that encourage you to sit/lay in a much wider array of positions than your desk, couch, or car seat.  Roll & Release, and all of our Flow classes are created to bring you more of the movement that is missing from our everyday lives.


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