2022 Call to Action : FIND YOUR WAY BACK

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January is a potent month, a pivot point, the closing of one cycle, the beginning of a new year.  At Rocksteady, we’ve always honored this slow time of deep winter as a time of reflection.  In our approach to goals, we start with vision - finding our way back to our reason for being, and setting a purposeful direction and intention that then allows us to gather the seeds, design the plot, and prepare ourselves for the planting and growing season ahead, spring, the most opportune time to plant things that grow.

So in the sustained strain of unusual times that have disrupted our lives in various ways, we invite you to pause with us and find your way back to who you really are.  External events, changes outside our control, continue to interrupt our flow, and across thousands of hours spent working with you, we’ve noticed holding patterns, waiting, looping, skipping, hovering between action and inaction that while understandable, disrupt agency, direction, and flow.  As we say here, there is always a way to move.   It might look different, be different, and there is always a way.

This year, we invite you to find your way back (wherever you have lost it) to stop waiting (in all the places or spaces you have put something on hold until…), to co-evolve with the world around us, adapt, and discover new paths to wellbeing.    

It’s possible to shift our internal state, our actions, and our perceptions through movement, mindfulness, and self discovery, no matter what extenuating circumstances exist around us.  The style of self discovery we practice and offer here tethers back to Viktor Frankl's work, "Man's Search for Meaning".   Different than psychology, his approach, a precursor to coaching and personal development  focused on finding meaning in the moment, a reason for being, as the key to wellbeing.   “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” His life experience and work are an inspiring example that wellbeing is a choice, an internal state that we get to generate.  

The power of self discovery then, is to rise above the external conditions and turn inward to your own reflective capacity to discover a sense of meaning, purpose, and wellbeing, to power us through these tougher times.   

At Rocksteady, we specialize in the place and the experiences to assist you in dissolving the stressors and strains in your life, support you in your goals and intentions, and develop the traits required to be well.

In the science of wellbeing, mindful movement and exercise are core elements that generate health and happiness, yet family, friends, a sense of relational health - being connected to a community is a fundamental element; moving together, being with people is good for us. The emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology is revealing how much our brain chemistry, hormones, even heart beats change in response to other peoples presence. You can count on us.  This year, Rocksteady will continue to nurture the growing community of people for whom Rocksteady is a “third place”, a positive environment where we get to be human together.   

Not all movement is the same. Some movement, mindful movement, are especially relevant for wellness. We practice bodywork, yoga, and pilates… these mindful movement experiences ancient in their lineage, continual in their application and use across time and culture, universal in their empowering, energizing, wholeness inducing affects, cultivate the character qualities required to be a high functioning human, well and able to navigate chosen change, and more useful still, the ever changing dynamics of life outside of our direct control.  

To us, practicing wellbeing is way to find your way back to your most integrated state, a place where you know who you are, why you are here in this moment; you are energized and balanced emotionally, mentally, physically, and you with clarity, can find a way back to being engaged, alive, and at cause in the world within and around you.  

In addition to our movement classes and bodywork, we are happy to offer private movement sessions, private classes, and self discovery sessions. The reflective process of personal development is core to who we are and what we offer. Vision, goals, and the energetic clearings required for you to maintain the internal connection required to fulfill upon your life’s undertakings are fundamental parts of our practice that we offer via immersions, group experiences, and one on one integrations.

This year we are warmly inviting all of you to find your way back with us. Some of you are more aware and ready to deepen your meditation practice and we will have experiences for you. Some of you want to get back into movement and need private sessions or a private class, where 2-3 of you and your friends can move together with one of our excellent instructors. Our self discovery sessions- offered for individuals and in some upcoming group experiences, will increase your resilience and energy.

We respect the realities of covid and a changing world. We are not in denial about the state of the world, and we are not waiting. Instead, we are continuing to build the place, practices, and people that fulfill our reason for being, our purpose, and we are honored to serve you.   

We offer complimentary wellness consults for everyone.  If you are inspired to connect, we’re happy to guide you to a course of action at Rocksteady. 


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