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At Rocksteady, we know that as humans, we are born to move, and to move for a lifetime. In addition to bodywork sessions and classes, we hold immersive trainings to create space to go even deeper into wellbeing through movement. Teaching is a courageous and generous act, it deepens your personal practice while presenting a unique opportunity to be of service. trainings are more than meets the eye. On the surface, trainees invest 200 hours across 4 immersive weekends to practice, teach, and learn the art of pilates. Within, our approach disrupts deeply embedded neuro-myo networks (thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and movements), dissolving the patterns that are associated with stress, strain, fear, and complacency that drain life energy and deplete quality of life. They utilize diverse forms of movement, myofascial release, meditation and visualization techniques, guided self-discovery conversations, cognitive-enhancing exercises and brain-boosting neuro-energetics and the result is incredibly well trained, high quality teachers.

While rooted in yoga, we have been growing our pilates practice over the years, weaving together the strands of mat, classical, and cardio into a cohesive and beneficial repertoire that align with our very unique and far reaching perspective on movement.  We’ve also been developing our relationships with our community, and the time was finally right to present this in house learning experience. Led by Amy, Jessa, and Carly, we delivered the full repertoire of Rocksteady pilates to an amazingly bright, light, and talented group of humans.


We are proud of how our trainees did and super excited to welcome Katie, Madison, Abby, Liz, Aries, and Cydni to the teaching team.  Also super cool that Liz, Aries, and Cydni are bodyworkers performing amazing work to Rocksteady clients!

Expect to see new teachers and class times this spring, beginning on May 1. Each teacher brings new energy, personality, and skills to the roster. Some have more combined pilates training than Amy and Jessa both, some have been professional teachers of movement and learning for years, some are massage therapists at Rocksteady already, others are hard-core Rocksteady'ers who have been taking classes here for years. Altogether, they bring a wealth of new knowledge and energy and we look forward to hearing your positive reviews of their classes.



But don't take it from us, here's what Katie and Abby had to say about the training.


"I knew Rocksteady was a place that fosters growth and provides you with the tools needed to cultivate a wellbeing that works for your body.  I expected to leave (and did) the pilates training with a strong understanding of how to comfortably teach a class and a deeper awareness of and appreciation for body function/movement. What I didn't expect was the true deepening of the connection to myself, the others in the training, and ultimately the folks I interact with on a daily basis. Beginning each day of the training with meditation and journaling allowed for a true appreciation and respect for where I was that day and cleared a path for an authentic and raw learning experience. This training reminded me what a blessing it is to be having a human experience. It taught me how to be a better human through the power of movement and how to lovingly share that with others. 

THANK YOU! Seriously Jessa, damn girl. I'm so glad I met you and everyone at Rocksteady. My life is so much more full because of y'all."

"The Pilates teacher training was everything I had hoped for and yet so much more than I had imagined. Yes, I learned about Pilates principles and Rocksteady movement philosophies, AND… I learned to explore the outer edges of my knowing, practiced embracing the ambiguity, and experienced a deeper sense of self as we interwove reflection, meditation, discussion, and movement. All of this and more (!!!) with the support of masterful trainers and a radically loving cohort. Resources, knowledge banks, and compassion were available in abundance!"


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