A Self Discovery Practice for Fall

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Seasonal shift is afoot; shorter days, cooler temps, accompanied by human shift as well; school has started, vacations are complete, people are settling in and looking forward to more consistent patterns in place.  Honoring humanity’s agricultural roots, fall is also harvest season. Energetically, harvesting is the intensive period of collecting and sorting the fruits of your lived experience this year.  This is a reflective practice we do in-house with our team every fall as an energetic clearing, we’re happy to share it with you here to do at home or book a self discovery session with Jessa if you want to further the work!

Visualize a harvest: going out into the fields and orchards, methodically first harvesting all of the fruit, grain, vegetables, sorting, storing all of those goodies to feed you and nourish you all winter long, followed by clearing the fields, composting waste, resetting the soil.  In this practice, we do the same for our life, reflecting on this past year, what we’ve created, experienced, learned, lost, etc.   

 With harvesting, it's important to

  1. Leave nothing in the field.  A tomato hiding behind a leaf, etc. A memory, a learning, an experience forgotten instead of integrated.
  2. Discard any damaged goods. As they say, one rotten apple ruins the barrel.  Energetically, we're looking to discard a negative belief, thought pattern, it could be a grudge or an obligation, or other damaged goods that would taint the fullness of your lived experience this year.  
  3. Repurpose the undone.  Occasionally it's time to harvest and clear the field and something hasn't come to fruition, tomatoes that didn't ripen, corn that never yellowed, etc.  The undone can be repurposed.  In gardening it's composted, allowing it to break down and provide nutrients for next years soil.  In our lives, there may be things that were meant to happen that didn't, ideas you had on the board that you didn't have time for, things that went sour, south, etc.  Collect the undone/unripe and clear it.  Break it down, let it go, and use the energy for next years work.
  4. Clear the fields.  We have a saying, what you don’t deal with in the fall will deal with you in the spring. Clear the clutter and leave the fields pristine ready to be blanketed in snow, enriched with the fallow period.   Where in your life is there clutter, build up, that is now time to let go of?


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