Working At Rocksteady


How we work at Rocksteady

We are a family owned business.  When we moved to our current location in the Fall of 2017, we gutted every square inch of it except for our beautiful bamboo floors.  We designed our space for how we wanted to move and exist as a growing family.  We built this space with intention and hard work.  We created our own type of yoga born from 15 years of world wide experience.  We created our own version of fusion Pilates known as Burn Reformer from looking at the space in between.  We are creators and makers at Rocksteady.  We are for the Living.

We work with like-minded, creative, talented practitioners.  Many of our team members started in our trainings or met us on the table.  Over time, we have formed friendships and bonds that have led us to work together and create new forms of movement together.  If you are interested in working with us and growing with us,  come in and spend time with us.  Get to know our team and our culture.  We are growing here at Rocksteady Bodyworks and looking for talented team members that believe in abundance, quality of life, and craft in their chosen trade.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio.

Jeff & Jessa & Flint & Stone