Rocksteady Talks: Check out Workshops, Rocksteady Talks! We are hosting the Origin of Vision Speaker Series in collaboration with the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance. See the line-up under Rocksteady Talks.

Rocksteady Talks

Grover & Belcourt: Epic Tales, Attitude, and maybe some Insights

Wednesday, March 13th   7pm

The 2nd installment of our Origin of Vision series is going to be a really entertaining Rocksteady Talk.  We will be joined by Chris Grover and Bill Belcourt. 

Most of you are familiar with these two gents but for those that need an intro, Grover was "there" when the rise of sport climbing was occurring at Smith Rock.  Then he was "there" when Metolious was in its infancy.  Then, he was certainly "there" for 20+ years at BD as the head of Sales & Marketing.  Grove is ever the philosopher while telling the straight skinny on his viewpoints. 

Bill Belcourt was a staple at BD for 10+ years as the former Climbing Category Director and now the North America GM for Blue Ice.  Bill's product insights and tales of the early days of Alaska alpine climbing are not to be missed.

This Rocksteady Talk will be more of a campfire session than a slideshow.  Earmuffs recommended.

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Caroline Gleich: The Tale of climbing & skiing Cho Oyu

Monday, February 11th   7pm

Caroline Gleich and Rob Lea recently completed an expedition to climb and ski the sixth highest peak in the world, Cho Oyu. Learn about the challenges of their first expedition to 8000m, as well as how they merge activism and adventure beyond the mountains.  


Come for a night of fun, laughter, and the Utah premiere of a documentary about their climb!!


This event will be a fundraiser for their next project, the Big Mountain Dreams Foundation. The first project for the foundation is a #ClimbForEquality of Everest in the spring of 2019 - with the goal of raising awareness for how men and people of all genders can be allies to women's leadership in the mountains and beyond.

All proceeds from $10 event tickets and raffle tickets will support the Big Mountain Dreams Foundation.



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Casey Elliott: Diamonds in the Choss

Wednesday, February 13th   7pm

In the first installment of our Origin of Vision series, we'll be enjoying a slideshow from young gun Casey Elliott.  Casey will be sharing his recent obsession with seeking out difficult desert ascents in the Fisher Towers.  2018 was big year for him in the Fisher Towers.  He free climbed Finger of Fate and Sundevil Chimney.  While those may just be words to you, those are quests for any climber.  It's a huge achievement and we're psyched to have him share his stories and images of the process.  Come join us!
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Peter Metcalf: Reflections on Lessons Learned

Wednesday, March 27th  7pm

In the final talk of our Origin of Vision Series, we'll be sitting down with Peter Metcalf to talk hitch hiking, training, boldness in sport & business, leadership, and a host of other introspective topics.

If you've never had the honor of hearing Peter speak publicly, this is your chance.  He's an eloquent word smith while remaining humble and true to self.  Come join the discussion.

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UAC Discussion: State of the Snowpack with Drew Hardesty

Wednesday, March 6th   7pm

The Utah Avalanche Center (UAC) is a Wasatch treasure.  We all rely upon the UAC avalanche forecast to stay safe.  Join us as Drew Hardesty leads an interactive discussion on the current Wasatch snowpack conditions, a recap of some of this season’s accidents, how to stay on the right side of the fracture line in this seasons persistent weak layer snowpack, and their predictions for the rest of the season.  This community gathering is an opportunity to give back, remember that the UAC is funded in large part by people like you, 80 person capacity

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