Invigorate Class Intro

These are the Rocksteady classes that will totally rock you. They’re high-intensity, high-output experiences that build comprehensive strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, while also making you sweat. Our expert body movers choreograph creative, advanced, challenging poses and sequences to give you a full-body workout that will work you, but not work you over. As always with us, you can count on unique myofascial considerations to promote excellent biomechanics, because we want you not only to move, but to move well. We’ll pump you up, stretch you out, and leave you feeling energized, awake, upbeat, and ready for anything.  

Burn Reformer

Our Burn Reformer class is a 60-minute, high-intensity group session that’s designed to work your entire body from the inside out. To give this our own Rocksteady spin and amp things up, we’ve taken classic Pilates moves and added extra cardio. In this high-energy class, you’ll move through non-stop exercises — a combo of upper body, arms, abs, legs, and glutes — to fatigue your muscles, blast calories, strengthen your core, gain flexibility, and perk up that booty! Spring-loaded Pilates Reformers and the amazing “chair” can be adjusted to intensify or modify your workout depending on how hard you want to push it. No matter your fitness level or ability, you will absolutely see incredible results through this class. New clients, please arrive 10 minutes before the start of class so we can familiarize you with the equipment and technique you’ll be using.

Ideal for : Everyone who is up for an intense, fast-paced workout

Tools you need : A hand towel

Flow State

Rocksteady’s signature innovative flow yoga offers a complete mind/body refresh. Let go of linear alignment concepts and embrace fluid, organic, three-dimensional movements with deep twists, expansive backbends, tricky transitions, and single leg balances. We will work your entire body to strengthen and lengthen myofascial meridians, putting our dynamic movement principals into action. This class maintains a continuous creative flow and upbeat pace without much rest. No class is the same. There will be new sequences and combinations every time. Mixing it up will increase your proprioception and call you to mindful movement. 

Ideal for : Those with a working knowledge and moderate experience with Rocksteady Vinyasa flow yoga

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block, bands

Reformer-less Pilates

The name says it all. This is the same body-toning, strength-building workout you expect on a Reformer, except without the Reformer. Instead, you’ll use simple tools you have at home. Reformer-less Pilates is a 60-minute, high-intensity group session that will work your entire body. It’s an up-tempo class that combines traditional Pilates with intense cardio to work your upper body, arms, abs, legs, and glutes in a non-stop sequence that will make you sweat, incinerate calories, strengthen your core, gain flexibility, and get results! 

Ideal for : Everyone who is up for an intense, fast-paced workout

Tools you need : Two hand towels/wash cloths, sturdy chair

Rocksteady Power Flow Yoga

Rocksteady Power Flow is our take on the root of it all. Vinyasa flow is the most widely known and practiced style of yoga in the West, and all of our flow classes stem from this traditional, Ashtanga style. In this class, experience the best of power yoga: a warm room, 40 minutes of a smooth series of Sun As, Sun Bs and balancing poses, plus substantial floor work to release your hips, legs, and upper body. This class is great for everyone. It follows the classical power flow sequence of poses and links them together in a continuous and familiar way. 

Ideal for : Everyone

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block, bands

Rejuvenate Class Intro

Have you ever seen someone move so exquisitely — a dancer, a skier, a skater, a runner — that it’s taken your breath away? That effortless flow. That control. That perfect execution. It’s simultaneously enrapturing and inspiring. It’s time to believe that improving your own grace and agility is well within reach. Our Rejuvenate Classes are medium-paced, flowing classes that build structural strength and integrity, whole-body mobility, and integrated body awareness — all that is required to empower you to confidence and beauty in all the ways you love to move. Never straying from our Rocksteady focus on the health and pliability of the myofascial system, our Rejuvenate Classes call you to stretch your whole body, open your hips and shoulders, and strengthen your muscles (both the major and the micro). As you learn the alignment of certain poses and exercises, you will get a feel for the accurate biomechanics of movement. Our Rejuvenate Classes are a powerful counter-balance to big days outside and repetitive exercise, just as they are an effective way to grace yourself with equanimity and energetic balance.

Foundations of Flow

In this modern world of ubiquitous desk jobs and convenience everything, we are moving less in fewer ways. Our bodies are in desperate need of multi-dimensional, varied movement to be truly healthy again. Rocksteady Foundations of Flow yoga is the class that will prepare you for all Vinyasa yoga classes at Rocksteady Bodyworks, whether you’re a veteran yogi or just starting out. Each of our signature yoga classes fully optimizes the health of your myofascial system — the living network that cradles your muscles and connects every system in your body. In Foundations of Flow, you’ll learn the fundamental movement elements of the Rocksteady approach, which includes non-traditional fluid, three-dimensional movements through basic twists and cross-body balances, as well as unique front-to-back and side-to-side transitions. You’ll also learn the alignment, mechanics, and benefits of each pose. Imagine being able to effortlessly and seamlessly bend, twist, and move your body in ways you never thought possible. Now make it happen. Everyone who takes this Foundations of Flow class and learns not only the movements, but the principles behind them, will move better, longer, for life. 

Ideal for : Everyone

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block

Feel Good Flow

Raise your vibration in this easy-going flow class designed to melt away tension and revitalize your wellbeing. In this class we move seamlessly between our signature whole-body twists to engage and energize your fascial system, deep holds to release your hips and shoulders, and cross-body movements to balance your brain and biochemistry.  Everyone is welcome, whether you’re an expert or novice. This class is a happy antidote to your big outdoor days, heavy lifting workouts, or grueling sessions at the desk. Come to feel better. 

Ideal for : Everyone (an understanding of Rocksteady Foundations of Flow is recommended)

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block


Current is a dynamic, energizing yoga class focused on rehydrating your fascial network to improve brain-body coordination and neuro-muscular connection. It is all about energy and allowing energy to flow freely through your body. Nerves inform your sensory and motor actions through a hydroelectric process by sending and receiving signals to and from the brain. When fascia is dehydrated and sticky, signals can’t make it through. When this happens, even a strong muscle can’t move (or move well) because it can’t clearly receive the message from the brain to activate. In Current, we restore the lines of communication between your brain and body by increasing hydration throughout your fascial network. We combine Kalari- and Kundalini-style yoga and breathwork in this rhythmic, meditative class, incorporating dynamic, rapid movements (big arm circles, leg swings, and side bending) and friction (creating heat that melt solids) to return your body to its optimal flow state. This practice supports faster reflexes, smoother movement, and increased pliability. When it’s all done, you’ll feel focused, alert, and aware with the added benefit of a gentle, full-body buzz. 

Ideal for : Everyone

Tools you need : Yoga mat

Breathe Mat Pilates

Breathe Mat Pilates is a low-impact, moderately paced class that will energize and optimize your whole body. One of Rocksteady’s most experienced master body whisperers will lead you through a series of deliberate, engaging movements that will tone and elongate your muscles, decompress your joints, improve range of motion and strength, and improve your mind/body connection through breath. You will activate, stretch, and strengthen intrinsic muscles, with special attention on groups that we commonly over- or under-use. What results is your own fine balance of structural integrity, core strength, and flexibility. Hone yourself to be efficient, strong, and steady. Improve the way you move.

Ideal for : Everyone | Highly active people | People with stiffer bodies | Anyone healing from injury or surgery

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block, ball, exercise bands

Restore Class Intro

Our therapeutic Restore Classes are complementary to a holistic wellbeing practice. Whether you’re an athlete that consistently puts your body through rigorous training, you are looking to ease stress through gentle movement, or you are recovering from an injury, these classes will lead you to a pain-free body and a calm mind. Through guided, focused, purposeful movement, you will increase your range of motion and mobility, heal fascia, and rehabilitate stiff or injured joints. These low-impact, low-intensity sessions soothe the nervous system to quell anxiety, alleviate depression, reduce overthinking, and foster a healthy mental and emotional balance.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a practice of focused alignment. In this class, you will move through slow, focused, methodical poses (none of them standing) purposely combined to relieve stress, alleviate pain, increase movement, and promote healing.  

Ideal for : People new to yoga | People with limited mobility | Anyone healing from injury or surgery | Those who have had a particularly hard day or week | Anyone who needs a calming, restorative experience

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block

Deep Release

In Deep Release Yoga, you gently decompress tight joints and ligaments by resting in poses supported by bolsters, blocks, and blankets. External support allows your hardest-working postural muscles and connective tissues to finally let go. In each position, you’ll bring yourself to the comfortable side of the border between comfort and discomfort and hold the pose for at least 90 seconds, sometimes longer, focusing your awareness in stillness through deep breath. Reclaim your wellbeing in this calm and purposeful class.

Ideal for : Those seeking deeper, more restful sleep | Those experiencing high stress | People recovery from periods of mental, emotional, or physical strain  | People who want to deeply relax 

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block, bolster or pillow, blanket

Roll & Release

Roll & Release provides deep and lasting myofascial conditioning that will enhance your overall wellbeing and noticeably increase your mobility, flexibility, and coordination. Bring yourself mindfully back into your body through myofascial release sequences, self-massage, meridian-balancing movement, and biofeedback self-regulation. A member of our highly trained team of massage therapists will lead you through a series of advanced release techniques focusing on Tom Meyers’ myofascial meridians, which will not only bring immediate relief to your aches and pains but will improve your fascial pliability and tone your muscles. This class takes foam rolling to a whole new level. You’ll develop a keen body awareness and anatomical understanding that will improve the way you move.

Ideal for : Everyone! | Athletes | Those whose work is physically demanding | Sedentary people (spending more than 4 hours at a desk on a regular basis) | Anyone with postural deviations  | Those with chronic injuries or poor movement mechanics  | People who experience chronic pain | New mothers, postpartum  | Anyone healing from injury or surgery

Tools you need : Yoga mat, block, tennis ball or similar, foam roller (if you have one)

Breathe Reformer

Breathe Reformer is a structurally aligning and deep core strengthening class. Focused movement and master sequencing create access to structural strength and strong biomechanics. This is a methodical class that is excellent for those new to reformer, those ready to deepen their balance, body awareness, and coordination, and advanced movers wanting to harness new power. An excellent complement to our Burn Reformer and Flow State classes. Beneficial to stack, take a breath and follow it with Flow state, etc 

Ideal for : Everyone!

Tools you need : A hand towel, that's it!

Good Vibrations

The world is on a sensory overload; with more loud stress inducing man made noises than ever before; our nervous systems are overstimulated and undernourished…. craving the low intensity, hyper sensorial healing sounds of simpler times.
Our seasoned practitioners use the vibrational medicine of Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, flutes, drums and other instruments in these grounding sound healing immersions.
Relax in deeply restorative yoga poses and gently unwind blockages in the mind and body through the power of good vibrations. Prepare to go on a deeply expansive and restful journey that is transformative on many levels; come as you are, leave with good vibes inside and out.

Ideal for : Everyone!

Tools you need : Yoga mat, bolster, blanket, block

“Jessa and the team at rock steady have changed the way my brain is wired. They have changed my life for the better in so many ways! I can never express my gratitude enough!”


“Rocksteady is a ROCK-SOLID beautiful place for movement and exploration. The Yoga is amazing, bodywork off the charts and the most amazing, honest and soulful staff and leaders. The space is beautiful, and community is welcoming. I highly recommend!!!”