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You seek a yoga experience that goes beyond skin deep. We are passionate about a dynamic practice for whole-body strength with movement that illuminates the soul.

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Rocksteady yoga sessions are based on principles of physics, biomechanics, and functional movement sequencing that disrupt habitual neuromuscular patterns and expand the capacity for full body mobility and movement. Our vinyasa classes include tri-planar movements, twists, balancing poses, and contralateral movement that generate dynamic whole-body strength, flexibility, power and stability.

We view yoga as a movement therapy that has immense power to re-calibrate brain and body in way that removes strain, pain, and poor mental and physical postures. All of our classes include variations and are creative; no sequence is the same.

While sessions can be intense, this isn’t all out cardio yoga. Our purpose is to re-balance and harmonize your brain and body so that you can perform at your best out there in the world, at work, or outside.

Our teaching style is empowering, encouraging, and educational. You will learn something new about how your body and brain function at each class, and we empower all students to express their individual creativity on their mats at all times.