New Integrated Pricing: All Rocksteady Bodywork sessions come with a complimentary Yoga or Movement class. We believe a holistic approach to wellness is best and our pricing reflects that belief.

you were born to move

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We understand the importance of being physical and pain free.

We exist to provide progressive treatments that evolve the potential of your body and being.

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We are for those who are committed to living pain-free, moving optimally, and are willing to do the work.  We are for those seeking high quality bodywork, expert advice, and regular treatment.

We are not a spa.

Massage therapy and Private Movement sessions are our core modalities.


To best serve you we want to get to know you. We take a holistic and personal approach at Rocksteady; you may work with several of our therapists across different modalities for the best outcome.

We are passionate about progress and sustaining your wellbeing; bodywork is most effective when regular. Your bookings are held in 5 session packages so that effective and lasting change can happen. 



Rocksteady Bodywork incorporates manual therapy and private movement sessions to unlock your full physical potential. We activate your self-healing by increasing proprioceptive awareness and dissolving pain and strain that are holding you back.

Your body can not only meet your asks of it, but surprise you with its astounding capacity to carry you effortlessly through life.

Our style is collaborative and educational, artfully navigating the terrain of your body while guiding you to new levels of body awareness. We work comprehensively, dissolving dysfunctional patterning, erasing postural misalignments, releasing shortened and tightened fascial components, mobilizing joints, restoring your nervous system to optimal function. We neutralize all negative dissonance resulting in deep lasting ease at the level of mind and body.

In addition to the relief that bodywork provides, we specialize in attentive, personalized care and insight that will change the game for you. Our work is transformative; we consistently deliver results that our clients have been unable to source elsewhere resulting in more energy, higher performance, and improved functioning on all levels mentally and physically. 

Our manual therapy sessions utilize deep tissue massage, Thai massage, myofascial release, decompressive joint mobilization, and soothing full-body stretching. 

Movement sessions utilize classical Pilates, muscle energy technique, energy integrations, yoga, and fascial movement. Our goal is to restore effortless good posture, eliminate body pain, dissolve stress, and enhance your overall well-being.

Our practitioners will recommend a session cadence and type that is unique and tailored specifically to you, this often includes working with multiple practitioners and modalities at Rocksteady. Bodywork, like all other forms of movement, works best when consistent. Expect life-altering results with regular sessions at least every six weeks. 

We are passionate about progress and will always share our recommendations to fast track your wellness.

We care about quality and expertise; our team is small but mighty. We book up quickly.