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you were born to move

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We understand the importance of being physical and pain free.

We exist to provide progressive treatments that evolve the potential of your body and being.

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We exist to serve those who are committed to living pain-free, moving optimally, and are willing to do the work.

We are not a spa.

Massage therapy is our core modality.


To best serve you we want to get to know you. Our Body Work is most effective over a course of several treatments. Your bookings are held in 5 session packages so that effective and lasting change can happen. 

We take a team approach at Rocksteady where you may work with multiple therapists across different modalities for the best outcome.


Rocksteady Bodywork is focused on empowering people to move, breath, and feel their full physical potential free from the limitations of strain and pain. Our style is collaborative and educational, artfully navigating the terrain of your body while guiding you to new levels of body awareness. Our sessions are specifically tailored to your current state of body and being and each session is unique.

Unlike massage, our bodywork sessions focus not only on muscle tissue, but on erasing postural misalignments, releasing shortened and tightened fascial components, and resetting the comprehensive system of your neuro-musculo-skeletal system to neutral.

We utilize deep tissue massage, energy meridian work, myofascial release, decompressive joint mobilization and soothing full body stretching. Our goal is to restore effortless good posture, eliminate body pain, dissolve stress, and enhance your overall well being.