Series Feature: Kalari Movement 101, a weekend intensive will take place on 8/18 & 8/19 from 8am to 10am

Whole Brain Living: Strategic Intuition

This Lightyear Leadership experience with Jessa Munion is designed to for those who have a healthy respect for both their intellect, and their intuition, and understand that imagination and knowledge are two halves of whole brained living. As humans, we are born with both brain hemispheres and sometimes our culture or perspective can cause us to become lopsided or overly skilled in either ration/reason/intellet, or imagination/intuition/wonder. Designed intelligently to integrate and balance your whole brain, this program empowers you to increase your emotional, intuitive, and rational skill set so that you can approach yourself, the world, and others through a profoundly balanced perspective that allows you to both be sensitive to human needs while also moving conversations, projects, and people forward towards chosen outcomes with ease and grace. Building on the chosen future you designed in level one, this program offers innovative and highly effective new tools to navigate the inevitable setbacks and forward leaps that occur as you fulfill on your life goals and most meaningful projects. Over the course of 5 sessions you will participate in group, partner, and individual work with results that last a lifetime.

Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm (5 sessions)

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