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Well Within: A Soulful Self Discovery series led by Carly Rasner

Posted by Jeff Roche on

Come join Rocksteady for a supportive and powerful 6 session series to enhance your overall wellbeing, mental fitness, and emotional clarity, while exploring techniques and tools that enable you to live fully and destress cleanly.   Uncover new ways of being to successfully navigate our ever changing world.   This experience is all levels and will generate deeper life satisfaction and fulfillment for everyone.

Psychotherapist and Somatic Practitioner, Carly Rasner, will provide you with weekly embodiment experiences and practices, that will leave you more self aware, present, attuned, and connected to your inner wisdom and personal purpose.

*Intentionally scheduled to support us during the holiday season, where close relationships, family dynamics, end of year hustle and bustle tend to increase the overall stress and strain we feel in every day life.  Meant to bolster our capacity to navigate our relationships and daily life easefully and with compassion, this series will support you during the holiday time frame.

date--11-04-21 series--fall

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