Rocksteady Feature: Join us on Friday, Dec 7th for All the Feels with Jessa and the Team. Experience a relaxing blend of yoga, massage, and sound.

The Practice LAB

Calling all yogis looking for a challenging, growth-based yoga flow to expand their practice: this series is for you! Expect a steady, sweaty flow that intelligently builds towards peak poses. You'll experience new movement influences from a wide array of movement modalities. Sound biomechanical workshop moments will give you the skills and confidence to move into new places with body. Backbend drop-backs, handstand, splits, and scorpion arm balances, and work with new poses are all part of the experience. This is a fun, agro-free zone built to teach you HOW to advance your practice. Anyone with a basic grasp of the Rocksteady flow looking to learn and grow is welcome. This is not just for advanced practitioners, rather it is designed to help you progress to the next level of your practice. Can you do wheel? Are you open to trying to get upside down even if it’s confronting? If so, you’re in!
Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm (3 sessions)

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