We invite you to experience our 2021 Fall Movement Immersion for $50. Valid for new and existing clients. Book now!!!

Snow Conditioning Free Community Kickoff

Snow Conditioning is back, this time on Reformers! This signature series has been designed and perfected over the last 8 years by Walker Willey and they Burn crew, and is the perfect way to prep your body to slay powder in the backcountry or rip corduroy at the resorts. 

Our Snow Conditioning series will kick-off on Saturday, September 11th at 9am in Holladay City Park. We will be hosting a FREE Snow Conditioning Circuit led by the Burn Method founder herself, Stephanie Willey.

This is a Free Community event.  Please come join us for a great High Intensity workout and to celebrate the end of a hot summer & hopefully the start of an epic, pow filled Winter!!

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Fall 2021: Burn Reformer Snow Conditioning

Snow Conditioning is back and this time it is on Reformer machines! Sure ski season is several months away but Rocksteady is ready to offer you a high intensity Snow Conditioning Fall Series to help prepare your body to slay powder in the backcountry or rip corduroy at the resorts. Our Snow Conditioning series will kick-off on Saturday, September 11th at 9am in Holladay Park. We will be hosting a FREE Snow Conditioning kick-off led by Stephanie Willey.

Our Fall Snow Conditioning program will consist of 2 classes per week on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 5:45pm & 7pm . Classes will be 75 minutes in length, consisting of a 60-minute full body workout aimed at core, gluts, and stabilizer muscles followed by a 15-minute yoga & myofascial release cool down. The Snow Conditioning Program will begin on Monday, September 27th and run for 8 weeks ending the week of November 15th.

Spots are limited to 12 clients. When you reserve your spot, you will have a Reformer seat at the same time for the entire 8-week program. You will see major fitness gains upon completing this program!
Program pricing is for 16 classes (2x per week) from Sept 27th until Nov 17th.
Early Bird pricing = $325 (purchase prior to Sept 13th)
Regular pricing (16 classes) = $350
Half Series (8 classes) = Available upon request.  Please email or call to request.
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Who We are - A new Rocksteady Brand Anthem

At Rocksteady, we inspire you to practice wellbeing by providing a team of teachers and practitioners who combine ancient wisdom and modern science to help you learn to move better. We believe that a lifetime of sustainable, healthy movement is possible for all people, in whatever areas or activities inspire you most - here in the Wasatch Front or beyond. Our unique, integrative approach incorporates our signature styles of yoga, Pilates, and bodywork to restore, rejuvenate and ultimately evolve your whole body and being.

Along with our recent brand work, we're excited to share our new brand anthem video - it's what we're all about - in our own words. 

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Summer Series: Mountain Bike + Flow

An experience to increase your skills on a bike while bringing mindfulness of movement into your riding. We will begin our time together with a short yoga flow to warm up our body and create an intention of body awareness. We will then spend 1.5 hours learning skills from the talented instructors at SimplyMTB. We will follow our skills session with a 30-60 minute trail ride.
Optional apres in the parking lot with sparkling water and some snacks.
8am Meet at: Draper City Park
12500 S 1300 E, Draper, UT 84020
This is where we will meet and do yoga
We will then bike to the cycle park
Draper Cycle Park (aka Corner Canyon)
1455 Highland Dr, Draper, UT 84020
Saturday August 21st from 8am-11am
Anyone interested in advancing their skills on a mountain bike. Beginner, intermediate and
advanced riders are welcome. We will have 2 separate groups for different ability levels. All who
come will learn something new and will be met at their current ability level.
This 3 hour event is best suitable for people of intermediate to advanced fitness levels.
Because mountain biking is really fun! And as it turns out, there are many parallels to be made
between yoga, mindfulness, leadership and biking. We want to create an experience for our
collective where we can tie these things together while ripping trails!
❖ Your whole bike kit (bike, helmet, water bottle, appropriate shoes)
❖ Your yoga mat
❖ Snacks
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Summer Series: Outdoor Yoga + Meditation

with Jessa Munion

Much of what we do at Rocksteady is inspired by our connection with nature. Much of our inspiration and our perspective stems from the beauty found in the natural world.
We want to create an experience for our community where we can come together to experience the benefits that are offered when we spend time outdoors.
We will be hosting an outdoor yoga & meditation sessions in beautiful Storm Mountain Amphitheater to blend mind, body, and nature.
A 1 hour yoga class bookended by meditation. Led by Jessa Munion with hands-on assists from
other Rocksteady yoga instructors.
Storm Mountain Amphitheater in Big Cottonwood Canyon (5 minutes up the canyon on the left, parking included)
Saturday July 31st from 9:30am to 10:30am
Anyone interested in flowing on their mat, amidst the beauty of Big Cottonwood Canyon. We will
be in a shaded area, surrounded by trees and Quartzite rock walls. This class is suitable for all
fitness levels.

❖ Your yoga mat (we will have extras if anyone forgets)
❖ A yoga block or bolster if you would like to sit on one for meditation (we will have extra
❖ A blanket if you would like one on your lap for our short meditations
❖ A water bottle
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Burn Qualification Training

with Stephanie Willey

I created the Burn Method workout because it simply didn’t exist. I fell in love with the reformer while living in Los Angeles 13 years ago. I loved the way my body felt after taking a class, taller and lengthened from the inside out, but this workout was still missing an important piece. Cardio. After moving back to SLC I went to almost every Pilates class I could find and nothing measured up to what I was looking for or what my body needed. This resulted in my creation of one of the most effective, low impact, high intensity workouts that any ability can do safely and reap the immeasurable benefits from.

This is the training to learn the tools to become an instructor, leader, and all around powerhouse in the fitness and wellness community. This will be a weekend course covering all the basic BURN Reformer principles including a master class where you will experience a full workout, taught by myself, and have the opportunity to participate and observe your fellow peers.

Saturday 1/15/22 10am-6pm

-basic BURN Reformer Principles

-learn a full 60 min workout and how to teach it

-experience and observe the basic BURN Reformer exercise library with proper cues, reformer set up, flow of class, proper ways to advance and modify each exercise, etc.

Sunday 1/16/22 11am-4pm

-teach portions of a BURN Reformer workout to a class

-improve and define all the proper ways to teach the BURN technique, specific cueing, correct verbiage and set up, etc.

During this Pilot course for BURN Reformer you will gain the following:

-how to teach a 60 min BURN Reformer workout to a full class

-a greater knowledge of the technique of each exercise taught

-a unique set of tools to make you an effective communicator that will improve your instructor performance

-how to properly modify and advance each exercise taught to any individual’s physical ability

-a 15 hour experience like no other Reformer training and more!


Tuition: regularly $499, early bird pricing of $399 if you pay by 12/15/21.

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2022 Craft your Calling Rocksteady Level Three Teacher Training

with Jessa Munion

6-month interactive format beginning in January 2022

Level Three is a 6-month intensive. It provides tools, structures, and a community to teachers who are ready to broaden their scope of work and professional pursuits in the wellness world. Become versed in guided self discovery work, meditation, and program facilitation.


In this advanced training, elevate from teacher to practitioner. You have firmly grasped the fundamentals of crafting yoga classes that are more than just yoga poses; you are creating movement experiences that intelligently balance the musculo-skeletal system and palpably calm the neuro-fascial network, while confidently guiding people into deeper body awareness through quality hands on assists. Now, expand your body of work to master the art of guiding meditation and visualization, develop your ability to facilitate empowering self discovery sessions with anyone, navigating clearly with both your intellect, and your intuition. Discover your own inner knowing and learn how to tap your intuition to read the energy of a full room, purposefully and effectively craft workshops, trainings, programs, and events that utilize movement, meditation, and discovery in ways that are unique to your chosen calling and path.


Level three will connect you to a tribe of seasoned practitioners who are choosing to lean into learning together, accessing a new level of  collaborative leadership as you partner to unlock each others gifts in each stage of the training. In addition to expanding your skill set to becoming a powerful discovery guide, a meditation and visualization teacher, and a people first leader, you will experience Geotran, an innovative brain balancing technique that powerfully clear stress, specifically, any and all stress blocking you and your students ability to actualize their authentic life purpose, while clearly defining your path as a person and practitioner.



Jan-May 2022

7 Full Weekends: Jan 21, Feb 11, Feb 25, March 4, March 25, April 29, May 13

Friday 6:30-9pm

Sat 9-6

Sun 10-5


* Plus a 1 on 1 session with Jessa Munion or Sloane Zupon


Tuition- $3500 

$500 deposit required, payment in full by May 1, 2022, payment plans available

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New 2021 Rocksteady Pricing

with Jessa Munion

 Effective January 25, 2021

Movement Passes

Valid for any of our yoga, mat pilates, reformer classes and virtual studio classes.   Movement passes never expire and include free mat rental

5 pack $95

10 pack $180

15 pack $240

20 pack $299

Virtual Studio

Drop in $12
Monthly Unlimited $65

Bodywork Packs:

Tips are not expected or required, the best tip you can give us is to leave us a review, recommend us to a friend, book your next session, and join us in the movement studio.

Solo Sessions
Include 1 free yoga class
30 min $40
60 min $80
90 min $120
120 min $160
5 pack
includes 1 free reformer class and 1 free mat yoga/pilates class
60 min $325.00
90 min $485.00
120 min $650.00
8 pack
Includes 2 free reformer classes and 1 free mat yoga/pilates class
60 min $480
90 min $720
120 min $960
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Master Class with Jessa Munion

with Jessa Munion

Dates:  Friday evenings from 6:30pm to 8pm

March 27th, April 24th, May 29th

$40 drop-in

For experienced yogis who want to get their flow on.  This fluid vinyasa rooted in our signature rocksteady style, takes it both high and low through getting lifted with arm balances and hand/head stands, and getting grounded with rare, curious, and palpable energy work through postures, spin points and breathwork.   

Any workshopping will be casual and brief, with ample space to be on your mat in focused flow and freedom. 

Advanced backbends, hand/headstands, and energy work included.   

This is the class you've been asking for..waiting for..come get your flow on!

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2021 Rocksteady 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Jessa Munion

2021 Training Dates:
Weekend Schedule: IN PERSON Friday- 6-9 pm Sat 9:30-7 pm, Sun 10-6 pm Weekends of 9/17, 10/15, 10/22, 11/13
Deep Dive Schedule: VIRTUAL 5:45-8:45 pm 9/29, 11/3
Working Day: Saturday 10am - 6pm on 10/2 & 11/6
** Module 1 only requires weekends 1-3, deep dives 1 & 2 *** Module 2 only requires weekends 3-5, deep dives 2 & #
We are intentional, focused on personalized learning and experience, and cap our Trainings at 10 students

 **Dates, tuition, and timing follow lengthy course description. =)
Module 1 Be The Change
In this 100 hour foundational training, participants will first and foremost be immersed in deep personal practice of yoga, meditation, and discovery sessions that introduce an integrated balance of age old wellness practices with the most innovative neuro, energetic, and psychological science of the emerging field of well being and positive psychology.
Participants will learn the 9 principles of Personal Power and Wholeness, a self leadership experience that creates authentic, charismatic, and powerful presence as a leader in front of any audience. Before we learn to teach, we first deepen our own understanding and awareness through an expertly guided deep dive into the practices of yoga, bodywork, and wellbeing. The Rocksteady Principles of Dynamic Movement will be introduced as the guiding perspective on what yoga poses offer, when we apply them, and where they work best in a vinyasa sequence.
At the conclusion of this 100 hour immersion, students will be able to competently teach a dynamic vinyasa yoga class with a deep awareness of how to use each yoga asana to restore balance and neutrality to any body, while having developed an expert tool kit of self awareness tools to manage their own energy and presence at the front of a room as leader. Module One teaches you how to be a self guided yoga practioner, shows you how to share that practice with others, and offers you the unique opportunity to become a real agent of change, empowering yourself and others to become active participants in elevating the wellbeing of ourselves and the world.
Module Two I Have A Dream
In this 100 hour immersion training, we build on the foundation creating in Module One, advancing teacher capacity to practice and teach progressive vinyasa sequencing from the perspective of how movement impacts the neuro-myo-fascial network with the intention of removing dysfunction, strain, and compression and creating space, function and freedom, developing the teacher tool kit of biomechanical exercises and pose breakdowns that empower students to continually explore their capacity to move, and introducing the principles and techniques of hands on yoga assisting and restorative supported stretching.
Concurrently, students will dive into discovery work on their conceptual framework of reality; learn how to uplevel state of mind and being through simple awareness practices, create new neuro patterns to consciously create a present and future worth living for; and explore the most progressive new approaches to mindfulness and positive perspective. Module Two teaches you how to manage your mindset and energy to a positive baseline; shows you how to create a chosen vision and direction for your present and future, and offers you the unique opportunity to become a community builder, a person dedicated to fostering real connection with real people to make the world a better place.
Textbooks/Course Work:
*purchase on your own
How Yoga Works by Michael Roach
Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste
Anatomy Trains by Tom Meyers
Self Led Personal Legacy Course on
Personal Power & Wholeness principles on
Tuition- $1375 per module, $2595 for full program
Minimum deposit of $375 required for enrollment, payment plans available, credit, check or venmo accepted


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