Summer Movement Special: Try our Wasatch Wild & Well Summer Specials!!

Spring Gathering: Seed Planting

with Jessa Munion

April 22nd 6pm to 8:30pm

$40 drop in or 2 punch passes for Movement members



This is a self-discovery experience where we combine meditation, breathwork, Geotran, and Lightyear principles.

Simply put, spring is the natural new year.  This is the time to clear your field of consciousness, intentionally setting the frequency and resonance of your awareness towards what you intend to grow and develop this year.   We will utilize energetic clearings to set the field and use journaling, sharing and other activities to discover what is accurate for you to focus on and grow this spring.   Different than goals or simply things you can or want to do, these are authentically generated from your most authentic self, the things you are meant to put your time and energy into creating so that you have a full garden of chosen initiatives in all areas of your life to harvest in the late summer and fall.


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Find your way back: An Energy balancing integration with Jessa Munion

with Jessa Munion

March 18th 6pm to 9pm

March 19th 3pm to 5pm

$175 Weekend Workshop

$100 for Rocksteady YTT Graduates (call to reserve your spot)

Please contact us via phone or email to reserve your spot!

Join Jessa  for a series of four Geotran energy integrations.  Geotran is a simple, safe, and astonishingly effective system of integrative wellness based on proven principles of energy medicine.   The body is a complex ecosytem with a delicate balance between physiological biochemical functions, emotional and mental interactions, environmental influences, and hereditary and genetic imprints.  Geotran integrations clear disruptive subconcious dissonance that wastes life energy and prevents you from actualizing your best self.  These integrations clear resistance from your biofields and create true ease and effortlessness in thinking, feeling, and being the person you want to be for yourself and others in the world.   These are like great bodywork- you will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and energized.   No prior experience required.  Bring a journal and pen, comfy clothes and water bottle.  No movement, these are verbal group sessions.


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Thai Stretch and Release Partner Workshop

with Jessa Munion

Friday, February 25th, 6pm to 8pm   $40 per person

Melt away stress and strain with this relaxing yet invigorating full-body series of deep stretches and compressions. Thai massage techniques mobilize joints which neutralizes and releases spinal tension. Say goodbye to back pain, release the stress you carry in your neck and shoulders, and free your nervous system up to relax and deeply release. Thai massage is for everyone and the sequence is easy to learn. Bring your mat and come dressed in yoga clothes. Come with a partner or be ready to partner up!

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Intro to Gems with Jessa Munion

with Jessa Munion

Thursday, February 17th

4pm to 630pm

$20 Movement Drop In Rate

Join Jessa for this introduction to gems workshop where you will learn Mind Gems a simple and effective energetic balancing technique that recircuit the electrical system of the body.  Many books have been written showing that your body operates through vibration and electrical impulses.  You must be "switched on" and balanced to be at your best.  The Mind Gems are one of the tools for you to use to maintain that balance.
You will learn POSITIVE POINTS which will allow you to de-stress quickly and easily in your daily life.  These simple-to-use stress release techniques, by themselves, have changed lives for the better and in some cases, have saved lives in cases of accident.  The Positive Points remove past and present cellular memory of trauma, accident, and loss, and prevent future trauma and accidents.  The body is like a magnet and when these experiences are in cellular memory, the body attracts the same experiences.  Hence, like attracts like.  Many people do not understand this principle and are confused when they have one accident after another.  The Positive Points quickly erase these cellular traumas.

Often we are so busy living our lives that we do not stop to see if the life we are living is by our own design, or just what became of us.  Choice, the most misunderstood of words, means for you to consciously choose something.  Is the life you are living now, in all aspects, what you choose for yourself?  If not, the Gems of Excellence Program is for you

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Get There Now with author and thought leader Susanne Conrad

with Jessa Munion

Friday, November 12th from 6pm to 8pm   $40

Get There Now- Dream bigger and leap into a new, better future right now   11/12 6-8 pm $40

Join us for an experiential evening with Susanne Conrad to learn and apply the practices from her new book, Get There Now.  For over three decades, Susanne Conrad has helped people find happiness in both their personal and professional lives. In Get There Now, Susanne recounts with heart and humor the many obstacles she has overcome, including growing up as the daughter of an eccentric inventor, her first marriage to a ne’er-do-well Sri Lankan hash dealer, working in the boys’ club of a nuclear weapons facility, her struggles to make ends meet as a single mom, and how she eventually found huge success in the leadership and personal development arena.

Susanne’s remarkable stories and life lessons can help you

  • learn to heal
  • find wisdom and forgiveness
  • release old patterns and trauma
  • create your best future
Get There Now will leave you laughing, digging deep, and even shedding a few tears as you explore your own life choices and learn how to ask the right questions. So get ready for a compelling journey of self-discovery as Susanne Conrad turns moments of her life inside out to provide a map for you to do the same and build a stronger future for yourself, your business, and your community.
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Well Within: A Soulful Self Discovery series led by Carly Rasner

with Jessa Munion

Full 6 part series = $299  Early Bird pricing (available until 10/15/21) =  $225

Thursday Evenings from 8pm to 915pm

11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9, 12/16  8pm to 915pm

Come join Rocksteady for a supportive and powerful 6 session series to enhance your overall wellbeing, mental fitness, and emotional clarity, while exploring techniques and tools that enable you to live fully and destress cleanly.   Uncover new ways of being to successfully navigate our ever changing world.   This experience is all levels and will generate deeper life satisfaction and fulfillment for everyone.

Psychotherapist and Somatic Practitioner, Carly Rasner, will provide you with weekly embodiment experiences and practices, that will leave you more self aware, present, attuned, and connected to your inner wisdom and personal purpose.

*Intentionally scheduled to support us during the holiday season, where close relationships, family dynamics, end of year hustle and bustle tend to increase the overall stress and strain we feel in every day life.  Meant to bolster our capacity to navigate our relationships and daily life easefully and with compassion, this series will support you during the holiday time frame.

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Good Vibrations with Meade

with Jessa Munion

Sunday, October 24th at 5:15pm  $40

Restorative yoga & sound immersion

Our seasoned practitioners use the vibrational medicine of Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, flutes, drums and other instruments in this grounding and healing sound immersion.  Relax in deeply restorative yoga poses and gently unwind blockages in the mind and body through the power of good vibrations….. Vibrational frequencies are scientifically proven and backed by thousands of years of experiential learning to positively affect brain waves producing deep relaxation, stimulate cell growth and regeneration, and enhance overall wellbeing. Prepare to go on a deeply expansive and restful journey that is transformative on many levels; come as you are, leave with good vibes inside and out.

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Wasatch Wild & Well with Melissa Gill

with Jessa Munion

10/17, 10/31, 11/7  $100 for all 3 or $40 per workshop


This three part series pairs the healing space of nature, the essential nutrient of human connection, and tried and true wellness practices against the backdrop of the Wasatch wild.  

Each experience incorporates elements of meditative hiking, yoga, breathwork, mindful practices  and self discovery. Accessible to anyone these all level experiences are meant for both new and experienced meditators, contemplators, movers, and breathers.

Experience #1 | Grizzly Gulch Hike in Yoga & Meditation

Meet at the Grizzly Gulch parking lot, we’ll start our experience with a quick Intentional Conversation to set the tone for our meditative 2 mile hike to the meadow of Grizzly Gulch via Chad’s Gap road. This walk is accompanied by mindful questions and prompts. Once in the meadow, we’ll set up for a 30-45 minute yoga practice under a breathtaking sky, followed by a 15 minute guided meditation in the mountains.

Bring | Water/Mat/Snacks/Warm Drink

Where | LCC - Grizzly Gulch Meadow. 

When  10/17  7 am-10 am 

Experience #2 | Little Cottonwood River Trail - Walking meditation + curated mindfulness practices

Join us at the LCC river trail starting at the Riverside Boulders for this walking meditation and mindfulness practice.  We’ll start with a group anchoring session where we explore nature and what we value about it before our guided walking meditation begins.  We arrive at a very special spot, that Melissa, Sloane and Jessa frequent for their own mindfulness practices by the river.  In this incredible natural amphitheater hidden in plain sight, an outdoor studio if you will, nestled up against the soothing backdrop of the creek, enjoy our curated selection of mindful experiences including coloring, journaling, and other delightfully simple yet surprisingly fulfilling mindful activities. Bring a hot beverage to enjoy along the way.

Where | LCC River Trail - 

When | 10/31 7-10 am

Experience #3 | 

BCC Overlook - Walking meditation + group meditation + self discovery

Once at trailhead, we gather as a group and begin with a somatic grounding practice and intentional set up for our meditative hike.  We then hike to the overlook (1 mile) as a group; in silent walking meditation. We meet at the BCC overlook where we gather as a group for group meditation, journaling practice, and facilitated self discovery conversation.  Expect a warm and friendly environment, a gratitude and joy filled practice, and meaningful insights into your self and others.  

Where | Park at the S curves, and hike on North side of Canyon. 

When | 11/7 7-9 am

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Fall 2021: Burn Reformer Snow Conditioning

with Jessa Munion

Snow Conditioning is back and this time it is on Reformer machines! Sure ski season is several months away but Rocksteady is ready to offer you a high intensity Snow Conditioning Fall Series to help prepare your body to slay powder in the backcountry or rip corduroy at the resorts. Our Snow Conditioning series will kick-off on Saturday, September 11th at 9am in Holladay Park. We will be hosting a FREE Snow Conditioning kick-off led by Stephanie Willey.

Our Fall Snow Conditioning program will consist of 2 classes per week on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 5:45pm & 7pm . Classes will be 75 minutes in length, consisting of a 60-minute full body workout aimed at core, gluts, and stabilizer muscles followed by a 15-minute yoga & myofascial release cool down. The Snow Conditioning Program will begin on Monday, September 27th and run for 8 weeks ending the week of November 15th.

Spots are limited to 12 clients. When you reserve your spot, you will have a Reformer seat at the same time for the entire 8-week program. You will see major fitness gains upon completing this program!
Program pricing is for 16 classes (2x per week) from Sept 27th until Nov 17th.
Early Bird pricing = $325 (purchase prior to Sept 13th)
Regular pricing (16 classes) = $350
Half Series (8 classes) = Available upon request.  Please email or call to request.
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New 2021 Rocksteady Pricing

with Jessa Munion

 Effective January 25, 2021

Movement Passes

Valid for any of our yoga, mat pilates, reformer classes and virtual studio classes.   Movement passes never expire and include free mat rental

5 pack $95

10 pack $180

15 pack $240

20 pack $299

Virtual Studio

Drop in $12
Monthly Unlimited $65

Bodywork Packs:

Tips are not expected or required, the best tip you can give us is to leave us a review, recommend us to a friend, book your next session, and join us in the movement studio.

Solo Sessions
Include 1 free yoga class
30 min $40
60 min $80
90 min $120
120 min $160
5 pack
includes 1 free reformer class and 1 free mat yoga/pilates class
60 min $325.00
90 min $485.00
120 min $650.00
8 pack
Includes 2 free reformer classes and 1 free mat yoga/pilates class
60 min $480
90 min $720
120 min $960
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Master Class with Jessa Munion

with Jessa Munion

Dates:  Friday evenings from 6pm to 8pm

March 25th, April 29th, May 20th

$40 drop-in or 2 punch passes for Movement Pass Members

For experienced yogis who want to get their flow on.  This fluid vinyasa rooted in our signature rocksteady style, takes it both high and low through getting lifted with arm balances and hand/head stands, and getting grounded with rare, curious, and palpable energy work through postures, spin points and breathwork.

Any workshopping will be casual and brief, with ample space to be on your mat in focused flow and freedom. 

Advanced backbends, hand/headstands, and energy work included.   

This is the class you've been asking for..waiting for..come get your flow on!

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