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Myofascial Release Training Course

Principles of myofascial release have long been taught and used in the world of bodywork, massage, and even physical therapy to help heal injury, and restore balance to bodies to help prevent future injury, pain or strain.  This training is designed to take the principles that massage uses to release tight muscles and clumpy connective tissues, and give you the tools to use them in a movement class rather than on a massage table. This series will give movement instructors an in-depth knowledge of myofascial release – what it is, and why it is vital to the health and wellbeing of your clients, and how to confidently teach it to a group or in a private setting. You will learn to read body posture and assess where pain and strain may be originating, and ways to release areas of highest tension and constraint using a variety of tools. This class will drastically expand your knowledge of the body and biomechanics, and empower your teaching and training.

While this class is geared toward those already instructing movement, it is open to and highly beneficial for anyone.

Saturday 9am to 5pm, $150

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