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Movement Clinic : Elevate + Evolve + Innovate

We're constantly told that for ultimate health, we have to be moving. Sitting has been as demonized as drugs once were, and everywhere, new workout studios and gyms are popping up offering more intensity, higher heart rates, and "better" results. But all movement is not created equal, and being fit certainly doesn’t equal total-body balance and overall wellbeing. This three-part workshop series will teach new and progressive principles of movement and biomechanics that go far beyond just fitness - this series will teach you to move for longevity and overall body-balance. We'll talk about why the most popular fitness workouts and cross-training programs available today often add to injuries rather than help prevent them. If you are a fitness instructor, you will gain new tools to implement into your programming and classes that will remove pressure from the joints and muscles that most regularly take a beating, and instead stimulate muscle function in new ways to help propel their bodies to optimal function and total-body wellness. You’ll leave feeling confident in your ability to train and speak to progressive biomechanics with any body. Movers and athletes of all kinds will take away principles and skills to apply in any cross-training regimen, and in your life outside of exercise/fitness, to holistically transform your wellbeing. 

3 part series, $90 series, $30 drop-in

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