Rocksteady Talks: "Finding the Balance between Capturing the Moment & Living In It" with renowned photographer Ethan Watts, Wednesday, Sept 26th from 730pm to 9pm

Evening Movement & Meditation: The Art of Listening

Often times in our everyday interactions we are pulled forward by a goal, proving a point, or simply being productive. In this movement and meditation series we will examine how to move from intrinsic power first, learning the 3 basic physical focal points for movement. After a short basic yoga practice, the meditation portion will focus on how to create an energetic anchor point that acts like "home-base." This is a skill that allows us to come back to a place where we are more grounded and centered. We develop that ability to separate our stories from what is reality and we can more fully step into a life characterized by heartfelt connection and listening, and less reaction. 

  • 35 minute Alignment Yoga practice for spine, hip, and foot health
  • Learn postures that help you wind down
  • Learn eight 15 min meditation exercises that build on one another

$25 Drop-In   $80 for entire Series

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