Rocksteady Feature: Join us on Friday, Dec 7th for All the Feels with Jessa and the Team. Experience a relaxing blend of yoga, massage, and sound.


Kalarippayattu is an ancient Indian martial and healing art from Kerala India. Like all martial arts it builds discipline, compassion, coordination, self confidence, strength, flexibility and more.

Learn the basics of Kalari so you can attend any Kalari Movement class with confidence.

We will be covering:

 Lohars/body conditioning movements

 Kalari Yoga

  Kalari Vandanam a salutation form.


This class is for new comers, people that like to move their bodies and have fun, as well as anyone wanting to refine their practice. Come hydrated and ready to move. This series will be taught by Kalari Movement founders Andrew & Nicole Hicks.


$35 per session

$60 for both

Andrew and Nicole have both trained extensively in India at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy under the guidance of their Gurukkal C.M. Sherif.

They have been teaching in the US since 2010, and continue to travel to India to further their studies.

Learn more about them and Kalari Movement @

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