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I have a dream Rocksteady Level Two Teacher Training

In this 100 hour immersion training, we build on the foundation creating in Level One, advancing teacher capacity to practice and teach progressive vinyasa sequencing from the perspective of how movement impacts the neuro-myo-fascial network with the intention of removing dysfunction, strain, and compression and creating space, function and freedom, developing the teacher tool kit of biomechanical exercises and pose breakdowns that empower students to continually explore their capacity to move, and introducing the principles and techniques of hands on yoga assisting and restorative supported stretching. Concurrently, students will dive into discovery work on their conceptual framework of reality; learn how to uplevel state of mind and being through simple awareness practices, create new neuro patterns to consciously create a present and future worth living for; and explore the most progressive new approaches to mindfulness and positive perspective.

Level Two teaches you how to manage your mindset and energy to a positive baseline; shows you how to create a chosen vision and direction for your present and future, and offers you the unique opportunity to become a community builder, a person dedicated to fostering real connection with real people to make the world a better place.

Format: 4 alternating weekends, Friday- 6-9 pm Sat 9-8 pm, Sun 9-6 pm with out of session homework and assignments

Dates: Weekends of September 13, September 27, October 11, October 25 

Tuition $1500 less a $250 deposit

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