Rocksteady Feature: Join us on Friday, Dec 7th for All the Feels with Jessa and the Team. Experience a relaxing blend of yoga, massage, and sound.

Feel Good Giving

This series is a unique offering of our Thai Stretch and Release that is designed to unwind you from the hustle and bustle. You'll discover the feel good power of giving and receiving therapeutic touch to break through the busy-ness and stress of this season, and deeply connect you to other human beings.

You'll learn Thai massage techniques that mobilize joints, and neutralize tension in the body. While Thai feels great to receive, it is one of the only modalities of movement where giving feels as therapeutic and good as receiving. Through this technique you'll learn how to give from a full cup, as well as receive with gratitude.

Thai massage is for everyone and the sequence is easy to learn. Bring your mat and come dressed in yoga clothes. Come with a partner or be ready to partner up.


$75 Series or $25 Drop-In

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