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Elements of Flow with Amanda Normand

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Amanda has been practicing Kung Fu and martial arts since childhood.  Her expert eye for movement patterns and powerful pilates sessions are rooted in the ancient practices of martial arts.  Join Amanda to experience the power of Qi Gong to open up our channels (meridians) for vitality, breath and energy to flow freely, to move as fluidly as water without tension. 

Each form will work to heal and bring into balance the internal organs and meridians of the body. You will leave the workshop feeling focused, cleansed, energized and peaceful all at the same time. 

Friday night: 6-8 fireside chat to learn more in depth about the why of Qi Gong 

Practice, Tea, Snacks and Connection.

Saturday 11pm-2pm Practice, Water, Metal and Wood Elements - Learning about each form and where in the body the meridians run. 

Saturday  3pm-5pm Practice, Earth and Fire Elements - Learning about the forms and where in the body the meridians run. Putting it all together to have a home practice you can do on your own.

date-01-21-22 series--winter

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