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2022 Craft your Calling Rocksteady Level Three Teacher Training

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Level Three is a 6-month intensive. It provides tools, structures, and a community to teachers who are ready to broaden their scope of work and professional pursuits in the wellness world. Become versed in guided self discovery work, meditation, and program facilitation.


In this advanced training, elevate from teacher to practitioner. You have firmly grasped the fundamentals of crafting yoga classes that are more than just yoga poses; you are creating movement experiences that intelligently balance the musculo-skeletal system and palpably calm the neuro-fascial network, while confidently guiding people into deeper body awareness through quality hands on assists. Now, expand your body of work to master the art of guiding meditation and visualization, develop your ability to facilitate empowering self discovery sessions with anyone, navigating clearly with both your intellect, and your intuition. Discover your own inner knowing and learn how to tap your intuition to read the energy of a full room, purposefully and effectively craft workshops, trainings, programs, and events that utilize movement, meditation, and discovery in ways that are unique to your chosen calling and path.


Level three will connect you to a tribe of seasoned practitioners who are choosing to lean into learning together, accessing a new level of  collaborative leadership as you partner to unlock each others gifts in each stage of the training. In addition to expanding your skill set to becoming a powerful discovery guide, a meditation and visualization teacher, and a people first leader, you will experience Geotran, an innovative brain balancing technique that powerfully clear stress, specifically, any and all stress blocking you and your students ability to actualize their authentic life purpose, while clearly defining your path as a person and practitioner.



Jan-May 2022

7 Full Weekends: Jan 21, Feb 11, Feb 25, March 4, March 25, April 29, May 13

Friday 6:30-9pm

Sat 9-6

Sun 10-5


* Plus a 1 on 1 session with Jessa Munion or Sloane Zupon


Tuition- $3500 

$500 deposit required, payment in full by May 1, 2022, payment plans available

date--09-02-21 series--winter teacher-training with Jessa Munion

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