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connect - integrate - elevate : a virtual self-care and leadership course for moms

Across cultures and centuries, the education and upbringing of children was considered a sacred act - the most vital way to secure a sustainable and bright future for the community. However, in a world that demands so much of women, the cultural clutter of competing pressures, expectations, interests, and narratives can often cloud the call to radical leadership and self-empowerment that motherhood uniquely offers, leaving many new mamas feeling confused, lonely, and insecure. We're at a pivotal point where the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of mothers is vital to the future of our world, and at the same time, the resources to support these women are few. Our limited definition of self-care ("get your body back" programs, bathbombs, endless wine-drinking memes etc. ) is simply not going to offer the insight and experience mothers need to be whole and complete, and to powerfully shape our next generation.


These days, the strange disruption to the norms of daily life offers unique challenges and little respite from the demands of your body, emotions, and brain. With nowhere to go, no refuge from 24/7 demands of raising, educating, and entertaining your children, and no face-to-face support or interaction, the societal stories that keep mothers feeling insecure and anxious can get loud. Because the world we interact with has gotten so small, it is easy to believe our impact, our identity, has shrunk too.


This course is designed to offer you the time, space and tools required to strategically utilize the gifts and talents that motherhood alone can offer in order to integrate and embolden all areas and aspects of your leadership, ignite and bolster your creativity, and see and appreciate the inherent value and skills that you alone can offer your family, your community, and the world.

In this 75-minute virtual workshop we will :


- use simple tools of breathwork, meditation, and visualization to clear your mind and energetic field

- engage in guided inquiry and self-development exercises to offer you new insights into your own strengths, especially the qualities that motherhood itself has sparked, and gain an acute and embodied sense of your power as a whole person

You'll leave with actionable steps to move forward into the future of your own choosing, and with a strong network of support as you courageously continue to lead in all the various realms of your life.


Class will be held via Zoom, you'll be emailed the link to join upon registration.

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