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Burn Qualification Training

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I created the Burn Method workout because it simply didn’t exist. I fell in love with the reformer while living in Los Angeles 13 years ago. I loved the way my body felt after taking a class, taller and lengthened from the inside out, but this workout was still missing an important piece. Cardio. After moving back to SLC I went to almost every Pilates class I could find and nothing measured up to what I was looking for or what my body needed. This resulted in my creation of one of the most effective, low impact, high intensity workouts that any ability can do safely and reap the immeasurable benefits from.

This is the training to learn the tools to become an instructor, leader, and all around powerhouse in the fitness and wellness community. This will be a weekend course covering all the basic BURN Reformer principles including a master class where you will experience a full workout, taught by myself, and have the opportunity to participate and observe your fellow peers.

Saturday 1/15/22 10am-6pm

-basic BURN Reformer Principles

-learn a full 60 min workout and how to teach it

-experience and observe the basic BURN Reformer exercise library with proper cues, reformer set up, flow of class, proper ways to advance and modify each exercise, etc.

Sunday 1/16/22 11am-4pm

-teach portions of a BURN Reformer workout to a class

-improve and define all the proper ways to teach the BURN technique, specific cueing, correct verbiage and set up, etc.

During this Pilot course for BURN Reformer you will gain the following:

-how to teach a 60 min BURN Reformer workout to a full class

-a greater knowledge of the technique of each exercise taught

-a unique set of tools to make you an effective communicator that will improve your instructor performance

-how to properly modify and advance each exercise taught to any individual’s physical ability

-a 15 hour experience like no other Reformer training and more!


Tuition: regularly $499, early bird pricing of $399 if you pay by 12/15/21.

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