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Be Happy, 6 week gratitude challenge

6 week happiness & gratitude challenge
Nov 12 to Dec 21


We’ve been taught that if we work hard, we will be successful, and then we’ll be happy.   Recent discoveries in positive psychology prove that this formula is backward. Happiness fuels success, not the other way around.  

In a world of increasing workloads, where burnout, depression and anxiety levels are skyrocketing, this challenge will immerse you in happiness habits that teach you how to be happy and joyful from the inside out.  You will focus on how to reduce stress, train your brain to be more positive and optimistic, transform you life to make choosing happiness easier, use stress as fuel instead of letting it hold you back or slow you down, learn to deal with negative people better,  and strategies for helping others be more positive.

Each week will have a different theme and practice inspired by Shawn Achor's The Happiness Advantage that have been scientifically proven to increase feelings of happiness and wellbeing. The practices are simple, easy, and universally effective, so we encourage you to share your journey with others by posting on social media, and bringing friends to classes and events.

  • You'll get a point for every movement class you attend at Rocksteady throughout the challenge.
  • Watch for workshops, classes, and events that will get you extra points!
  • We'll have prizes for the participants who get the most points at the end of the challenge, including classes, massages,, and prizes from lululemon
  • It costs nothing to join, simply sign up in the studio on the Be Happy Board! We'll  meet for a weekly kick off at 7:15 ish-8 pm every Monday, post the weekly practices on our Instagram and facebook each week to remind you, as well as post bonus point opportunities, so be sure to follow us @rocksteadybodyworks 

What to expect :

Monday, Nov 12 : Move your body - the 6:15pm Rocksteady Flow will be our kickoff class! Stay after to connect with the other participants, learn all the practices, hear some of the science behind how and why they work, and get inside tips for making them work best for you.

Week of November 19 : "The Doubler"  - along with the weekly practice, we will be doubling all points for movement classes, social media posts, and bringing a friend to class this week!

Week of November 26 : Meditation -  To help you with the weekly practice, each movement class will have a short, optional guided meditation offered at the end. Meditation has been shown to decrease cortisol and stress, increase dopamine and focus/productivity, and create symmetry in the electromagnetic waves of the brain - ie. you feel great!

Week of December 3 : Minimalism and creating value rather than consuming it.  In our Monday kick off we will screen episodes from The Minimalists talking about impressing our values on the world through works of service and creativity rather than high-value commodities.

Week of December 10 : Celebrate Social Connections - along with the weekly practice, join us on Friday, December 21 at 6:30 pm for #GATHER, our winter gathering celebrating connection!  Wrap up the challenge by celebrating real, in-person connections. There will be food, drinks, and music, we'll announce the winners of the challenge, and award prizes at that time.

All are welcome to join the challenge, and participate in the practices.  The investment is simply your existing class packs for however many classes you can attend, and the cost of any additional events, series, or workshops that earn you bonus points.


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