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Author your Personal Legacy

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While its clear in studies from positive psychology that goal setting is correlated with higher overall satisfaction and happiness, our high- achieving culture has left many people stuck in a loop of using goals and goal accomplishing to give them their sense of purpose and value. Whether its finances, fitness, weight-loss, career goals, or goals in spouse-hood or parenthood, people are always looking to external factors to validate their self-worth and value. We’re seeking tangible accomplishments to prove our time here was purposeful and impactful. Often, we’re choosing these goals based on a story written for us by someone else, and we don’t even know it. This framework is designed to help you examine the patterns of thought and behavior you’ve taken on (from your culture, family, and individual history) that might be constraining or limiting your view of your own self worth. You’ll get tools to author your own legacy and purpose that you can start living into right now. You’ll clearly define key core values to serve as a guiding light for your choices as you step into your most compassionate, creative, and empowered self. You’ll choose committed actions and employ strategic accountability to help you develop in the areas where you feel you are not living most powerfully or authentically. This work isn’t just another talk about goals – it’s a strategic framework to help remove patterns of constraint you may not be able to see, and help you define ways to choose into your own legacy.

3 part series  Tuesday night 7pm - 8pm  $75 series

date--08-14-18 with Sloane Pitman

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