Rocksteady Feature: Join us on Friday, Dec 7th for All the Feels with Jessa and the Team. Experience a relaxing blend of yoga, massage, and sound.

All the Feels

All the Feels combines yoga, massage and music to reboot your body with healthy, relaxing, oxytocin releasing, feel good vitamin T.


This class is set to a chill soundtrack as you are guided through a relaxing series of restorative yoga poses, designed to allow your body to unwind deep tension patterns and release the stress of the year. We layer on with our team of skilled bodyworkers delivering expert therapeutic hands-on assists and thai-style restorative stretches all through class, ending with mini-massages in savasana. You'll leave feeling connected, calm, and totally restored.


**For Dec. 7, all are invited to stay after class and for our 6 week #BeHappy closing party! We will be wrapping up the challenge, and celebrating real, in-person connections with food, drinks, and music. We'll also announce the winners of the challenge, and hand out prizes! 


$40 Drop-In

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